Sergeant Eric James Rutherford Lindores

Sergeant Eric James Rutherford Lindores


Unit : 22nd Independent Parachute Company

Service No. : 2884928

Awards : Military Medal


On June 20th 1944 a fighting patrol was sent out from 7th Parachute Battalion's lines at Le Mesnil to assault the enemy's forward positions and capture some prisoners of war.


This patrol was commanded by Captain R.E.V. de Latour. Sergeant Lindores was at the head of the patrol with Captain de Latour. The patrol encountered heavy enemy machine gun and mortar fire. During the final assault on the enemy positions, Captain R. de Latour fell mortally wounded. Sergeant Lindores continued to lead the patrol forward, broke into the enemy's positions and, with complete disregard for his own safety, took up an exposed position within the enemy defence line and continued to engage them with such effect that a number of the enemy were pinned down in their own positions. Three of these were captured as prisoners of war. Sergeant Lindores held his position and continued to give covering fire to the patrol in the face of increasing enemy fire until the patrol had evacuated the prisoners of war and withdrawn to their own lines.


The courage and leadership displayed by this NCO and his command of the situation after his officer had been wounded were undoubtedly responsible for the success of the operation and for the low casualties suffered by the patrol.


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