Captain Edward Harrington


Unit : 2 (Airborne) Forward Observation Unit, RA

Service No. : 155856

Awards : Military Cross


The above officer has displayed exceptional resource and initiative under circumstances of extreme difficulty, and under heavy fire during the period 6th June to 25th August 1944.


He parachuted into action with 3rd Para Brigade. Owing to casualties he was the only Forward Observation Officer in the Brigade and had to move from battalion to battalion. In spite of his wireless being smashed in the drop he was able to improvise, and although continually operating under heavy enemy fire he rendered invaluable aid to the Brigade in the vital period of the early days.


He remained in the front line for a month without relief, and then took up the duties of counter mortar officer, which necessitated constant activity in the front line. During this period he showed complete disregard for personal safety in continually visiting posts during bombardments. In the move forward to the Seine he was again responsible for counter mortar measures, and both at Dozule and at Pont L'Eveque he showed much initiative and considerable courage in the rapid setting up of listening posts in the front lines, and in remaining there himself during heavy bombardment by both gun and mortar.


As an example of devotion to duty, of courage and resource he has been quite outstanding.


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