Marine Derek Roy Gadsden


Unit : No.47 (Royal Marine) Commando

Service No. : PO/X 115030

Awards : Military Medal


Marine Gadsden was awarded the Military Medal for actions that took place before the 4th Special Service Brigade was attached to the 6th Airborne Division.


On 7th June, during the attack on Port-en-Bessin, Commando Headquarters and one weakened troop on Point 72 Feature were over-run by an enemy counter-attack which was supported by mortar and machine gun fire.


Marine Gadsden showing a complete disregard for his own safety, moved about bringing fire to bear from different positions for a long time deceiving the enemy as to our actual strength on the position.


His gallant conduct and cool bearing were a great encouragement and inspiration to his comrades and materially assisted in frustrating the enemy's attempts to overcome the position.


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