Private Dennis Walter Henry Wise

Private Dennis Walter Henry Wise


Unit : "A" Company, 9th Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 6216032


Private Dennis Wise was killed at Varaville on the 6th June 1944, aged 20, and has no known grave. He had been a part of Brigadier Hill's group who had landed far from the drop zone and were making their way to the 3rd Parachute Brigade's area when they were bombed by Allied aircraft. The following was written to his mother by Captain "Robbie" Robinson of "C" Company on the 22nd March 1945:


Dear Mrs Wise,


I had intended to write to you before but have been afraid on intruding. I do want you to know however that I share your loss. Dennis was a splendid lad & we became great friends. I have never found anyone to replace him & am very doubtful of ever being able to.


We flew over to Normandy together & he jumped right behind me. We made our way together across country & early in the morning met about 30 other members of the battalion. Unfortunately we were very badly bombed & we threw ourselves on the ground. It was only a matter of seconds but Dennis, who was right behind me was instantly killed. We were having a cigarette together one moment & the next it was all over.


I was completely dazed & was taken prisoner but escaped back into our own lines. The spot where we were bombed remained in enemy hands until September when our Padre & I returned to the place & buried Dennis & his comrades who died with him. The Padre conducted a full burial service & we marked the grave with a cross which one of our lads made himself.


The grave is situated near the village of Varraville in Normandy & is tended by the French people who regard our dead as though they were their own children.


I trust that this will help you. May God bless you too Mrs Wise.


Sincerely Yours,


T.E. Robinson


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