Sergeant Charles Thornton


Unit : No.17 Platoon, "B" Company, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Service No. : 14209889

Awards : Military Medal


1. This NCO landed on the bridge during night before D-day and on capture of the river bridge went unhesitatingly forward to contact the 7th Parachute Battalion.


2. On a patrol to the West of the canal bridge he knocked out and killed the crew of an armoured carrier with a PIAT.


3. During a counter-attack on Escoville on 7th June 1944 he led the Company across machine-gun swept field and on arrival in Escoville cleared the houses and streets with such vigour and without regard for personal danger that it encouraged the remainder to put the same spirit into it.


4. At Herouvillette during a heavy shelling and an expected enemy attack he remained on the roof of a shed in order to get better observation and warning of the enemy approach. He remained there until he was seriously wounded in the leg. It was with difficulty that he was persuaded to be evacuated, he considered he was fit enough to continue his observation.


5. This NCO has gained the respect and complete confidence of the men of the Platoon by his enthusiasm, courage, disregard of personal safety and doing his job above the call of duty and with conspicuous gallantry.


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