Signalman Angus McKenzie McGregor


Unit : Signals Troop, Headquarters, 1st Special Service Brigade

Service No. : 2598341

Awards : Military Medal


During the landing of Advance Headquarters of the Brigade, all signallers were wounded by mortar and machine-gun fire, 50% being incapacitated. Signalman McGregor received two shrapnel wounds in the head, three bullet wounds in the arm, and a shrapnel wound in the leg. In spite of his wounds he continued to operate his set, and enabled essential information to be passed to the main body of the Brigade which was still afloat. He refused all assistance, denying that he was seriously hurt, and continued to operate his set during the initial stages of the advance until he was unable to rise after taking cover from further mortar fire. It was only then that the seriousness of his wounds became apparent. His devotion to duty was largely responsible for communications being maintained at an extremely critical period of the operation.


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