Sergeant Albert Brown


Unit : C Troop, No.45 (Royal Marine) Commando

Service No. : PO/X4113

Awards : Military Medal


After fighting at Merville, 45 Commando was ordered to withdraw to Le Plein at 1900 hours 8th June 1944. During the return journey the leading troop was heavily engaged by 3 enemy machine gun positions at a range of 50 yards in close country. Sergeant Brown was ordered to take charge of a party detailed to engage the enemy positions. He destroyed the first position by accurately aimed 68 grenades from an EY rifle, but was unable to deal with the remaining two positions owing to the position of a thick hedge between him and them. With complete disregard to personal safety, he left all cover and standing in the open, fired all his remaining bombs with such good effect that the two remaining positions were neutralised. His cool courage was an inspiration to all, and enabled the remaining troop to continued their withdrawal unimpeded.


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