The house of the Robert family, who were, writes their granddaughter Nathalie Monsaint-Baudry, "the first family liberated during the night of June 5th-6th in Ranville. They lived in Bourg-Neuf in a well situated, tiny rural house that served to administer first aid to a badly wounded soldier (foot injury) whose stretcher was laid upon their kitchen table. My grand-mother tried to do her best. He was later evacuated back to England (the soldiers told my aunts and uncles). Some soldiers came knocking at their shelter (cellar) asking: Bosch ici? then almost simultaneously, about 7 to 8 soldiers brought the wounded soldier. They then secured the area. Anybody who was part of this story can contact me at:" Note the plaque on the house, which was put up by the 6th Airborne Division. Copyright: Nathalie Monsaint-Baudry.


The Robert family, taken in Ranville, 1943. Copyright: Nathalie Monsaint-Baudry.