570 Squadron, June 1944. Except for a number of ground crew in the third row and two mixed up crews in the second, the men are grouped in aircrews of five; each individual crew is enclosed in brackets below. Larger image. Taken from the collection of Flight Sergeant A. J. Laurie, courtesy of Hugo Mitchell.


Back Row, left to right: (Sergeant H. Jacques, Flight Sergeant N. H. Paynton, Flight Sergeant R. W. H. Narramore, Flight Sergeant J. L. Giles, Flight Sergeant B. C. Wootton), (Flight Sergeant J. Dolan, Flight Sergeant E. L. Mack, Flying Officer R. P. Merritt, Warrant Officer E. Wright, Flight Sergeant T. W. Sedman), (Sergeant J. W. Chadwick, Flight Sergeant A. A. Stratford, Flight Sergeant R. D. Marshall, Flight Sergeant J. Egerton, Sergeant E. W. Ward), (Flight Sergeant N. T. Whitehouse, Flying Officer L. E. E. Swales, Flight Sergeant N. J. Kirkman, Warrant Officer W. H. Lash, Flight Sergeant D. E. Hewlings), (Flight Sergeant J. Kempton, Flying Officer V. C. Keay, Warrant Officer T. Balmer, Flight Sergeant E. C. Blight, Flight Sergeant J. P. Archer).


Sixth Row: (Flying Officer D. E. Belt, Flight Sergeant M. A. Murphy, Pilot Officer D. Robson, Pilot Officer A. W. W. Nipper, Warran Officer L. W. L. Hambrooke - all of this crew were KIA 29/7/44), (Sergeant H. J. Meech, Flight Sergeant W. G. G. Hudson, Pilot Officer F. V. Houlgate, Sergeant W. J. Eames, Flight Sergeant E. G. Whittle), (Flying Officer E. F. Siegel, Flight Sergeant M. Frieman, Flying Officer H. W. MacDonald, Pilot Officer F. A. J. Gore, Sergeant R. W. C. Hull), (Sergeant H. W. Klatt, Flying Officer J. W. Bradstock, Flying Officer F. J. Mortimore, Sergeant J. Marcham, Sergeant P. Robertson), (Sergeant C. Flannigan, Flying Officer J. E. Brough, Flying Officer. G. A. Mombrun KIA 26/4/45, Sergeant R. F. Rawlings, Sergeant K. E. Johnson KIA 24/3/45).


Fifth Row: (Flight Sergeant A. J. McNeil, Flying Officer D. F. Harris, Flying Officer D. M. Campbell, Sergeant E. Davies, Pilot Officer Lord Decies), (Warrant Officer R. C. Cuthbert, Warrant Officer G. L. Clotworthy, Flying Officer F. R. Spafford, Pilot Officer I. G. Tubman, Flight Sergeant H. G. W. Brown), (Flying Officer D. H. Akinson, Pilot Officer E. C. Brown, Pilot Officer W. Kirkham, Flying Officer M. Hand, Flight Sergeant G. Wood - all of this crew except for Wood were KIA 23/9/44), (Flight Sergeant G. John, Flight Sergeant R. J. Bagnall, Flying Officer B. S. Murphy, Sergeant A. N. Hilborn, Sergeant D. G. Spain), (Flight Sergeant N. C. Tidswell, Flight Sergeant S. H. Boddy, Flying Officer G. E. M. Fisher, Flight Sergeant A. J. Laurie, Flying Officer K.S. Rasheed RAAF).


Fourth Row: (Pilot Officer E. J. Cleveland, Flying Officer N. J. Ingram, Flying Officer D. M. Matheson, Pilot Officer J. G. Edwards, Flying Officer E. F. Dunn), (Pilot Officer E. A. Oxford, Flying Officer W. E. Bradley, Flying Officer A. Hudson, Flight Sergeant T. N. G. Linton, Sergeant P. A. Thomson), (Flight Sergeant E. Wright, Flying Officer T. W. Cass, Flying Officer J. A. C. Rodgers, Sergeant E. Marshall, Sergeant A. H. Leon), (Flying Officer F. Waldron, Flying Officer H. W. Leach, Flight Lieutenant D. F. Liddle, Flight Sergeant T. Hainey, Sergeant D. T. Stevens), (Flying Officer F. W. Hales, Flight Sergeant H. Wood, Flight Lieutenant S. F. Maunder KIA 25/8/44, Flight Sergeant J. G. Humphrey, Flight Sergeant H. T. M. Powell).


Third Row: (Flying Officer E. Udall, Pilot Officer N. R. Town, Lieutenant R. F. Schalit, Warrant Officer C. R. Stewart, Warrant Officer J. R. Low), Leading Aircraftsmen Resoli, Rees, Nicholson, Aircraftsman 1st Class Poole, Leading Aircraftsman Ford, Corporal Robinson, Sergeant Pritchard, Flying Officer Marin, Flying Officer Hallowell, Flight Lieutenant Cowley, Sergeant Asprey, Leading Aircraftsmen Jerray, Rainsford, Kirk, Arthur, (Flight Sergeant F. Dixon, Flying Officer A. L. Lodde, Flying Officer C. D. Lawson, Flying Officer F. G. Berg, Flight Sergeant C.J. Curtis).


Second Row: (Flying Officer G. D. Fourie, Flying Officer A. C. Fewster, Flight Lieutenant D. S. C. Brierly, Warrant Officer G. R. Foster, Warrant Officer R. C. Hillebrandt), (Flying Officer W. J. Arnot, Flying Officer H. W. Hill, Warrant Officer J. B. A. Dawson, Pilot Officer D. M. Spencer), Flight Lieutenant E. C. Wood, Flight Lieutenant C. O. Evans, Squadron Leader J. R. Grice, Warrant Officer R. J. M. Bangay, Squadron Leader J. Stewart, Flight Lieutenant J. G. Walters, Flight Lieutenant A. D. Scott, Flying Officer J. A. Weston, Flying Officer. F. G. D. Wilkinson, Pilot Officer R. F. Clarke, Flight Sergeant A. D. Grice, (Flying Officer R. C. Booth, Flying Officer J. Dickson, Flight Lieutenant T. M. Gay, Warrant Officer F. G. Totterdell, Sergeant D. J. Blencowe - all of this crew were KIA 23/9/44).


First Row: (Flight Sergeant E. P. Pope, Warrant Officer. J. D. Baker, Flight Sergeant C. W. Culling, Sergeant H. E. Browne, Warrant Officer G. S. C. Bell - all of this crew were KIA 18/9/44), (Sergeant M. T. McKeown, Flying Officer W. G. Hunt, Sergeant L. H. Williams, Sergeant C. Mellor, Sergeant J. McAulay), (Sergeant H. D. Cherrington, Flying Officer F. Foster, Flight Sergeant A. F. Parker, Sergeant R. G. Hales, Sergeant P. McCann), (Sergeant H. Fletcher, Flight Sergeant R. L. Huckfield, Flight Sergeant E. D. Hincks, Sergeant. J. P. Smith, Sergeant N. J. Garnham).