The Airborne Light Tank Squadron, or "A" Squadron, 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment as it was shortly to become known, November 1942. Copyright: Sue Wilson. Click here for a full-size (263kb) photograph.


Back Row, left to right: Henley (possibly Hanley or Manley), Mason, Freeman, Earwicker, Simpson, Parker, Bell, Cornes, Williams, Partridge, Benn, Sharman, Newsome, Grimshaw, Murphy, Templeton, Browning, Hancock, Dillaway (possibly Hillaway), Bridges.

Fifth row: Miller, Sheffield, Wilson, Fordham, Wheatley, Downes (possibly Dawnes), Plant, Musgrave, Caddick, Lamont, Lewis, Elsey, Croft, Bevan (possibly Bevin), Glover, Stead, Bessick, Brown, Sutton, Grey.

Fourth row: Burt, King, Barrett, Wilcox, Buck, Lawson, Edwards, Dawber, Whitehead, Waldron, Patchett, Murray, Roberts, Blood, Baron, Bateman, Sharples, Hurt, Hill, Spencer.

Third row: Name unknown, believed to have been a Moseley Black Shirt, Hunt, Lowes, Lenk, Butterworth, Sharpe, Byland, Billings, Jones, Knowles, Smith, Tomkinson, Waterhouse, Blackwell, Darlington, Johnson, Dyer, Ashfield, Clark, Clarke.

Second row: Thompson, Atkinson, Reg Leitch, Garbutt, Murray, Dunne, Malyon, Cardwell, Barnet, Pultney, Bertram, Hughes, Legget, Foley, Oldham, Moult, Cousins, Weymouth, Boswell.

Front row: Prime, Haywood, Roberts, Rydall, Cheyney?, Ashton, Rayne (possibly Rine), Truelove, Dawson, O'Brien.


The photograph was used as the template for a Squadron Christmas card in 1942, as shown below. Copyright: Roger Leitch.