Men of the 22nd Independent Parachute Company, in an orchard of a farm, where the Company was billeted prior to the return of the 6th Airborne Division to England in September 1944. Click here for a full-size (245kb) photograph.


Back row (left to right): Cpl Owen Kendall (1st), Kurt Nikeson (16th).


Middle row (left to right): Sgt Patino, Sgt Kidd, Sgt Lindoras, Sgt Paddy/Long, Sgt Phil Hollie, Lt Fordyce, Lt John Vischer, Sgt Smith, Sgt S Pearson RAMC?, Sgt Don Wells, Unknown, Sgt Leverett.


Front row (left to right): Newton (1st), Ronald Ratcliff (6th), Cpl Shaklady (7th), Cpl John Corbett (11th).


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