Officers of the 9th Parachute Battalion, believed to have been taken in early 1944. Click here for a full-size (213kb) photograph. Copyright: John Sprange.


Back row, left to right: Yeats, Derek Sprange, Lieutenants Hugh Pond and Hugh Smythe, Worth, Lieutenants George Peters, Brian Browne, Alan Jefferson and Douglas Martin, Henderson and Dickson.


Middle row: Lieutenants Tom Halliburton, Dennis Slade and Gordon Parfitt, Baker, Lieutenant Mike Dowling, Captains Harry Watts and Reverend John Gwinnett, Lieutenants Jimmy Loring abd Murray Christie, Mills, Hughes and Lieutenant Douglas Catlin.


Front row: Captains The Honourable Paul Greenway and Robert Gordon-Brown, Majors Harold Bestley, George Smith and Terence Otway, Lieutenant-Colonel Lindsay, Captain Havelock Hudson, Majors Allen Parry and Ian Dyer, Captains Robbie Robinson and F. Tavenor.