Officers of the 6th Airborne Division, decorated with gallantry awards by Field Marshal Montgomery, taken by Sergeant Norris at Luneberg Heath, Northern Germany, 14th May 1945. Click here for a full-size (402 kb) photograph. Copyright: IWM BU 4776.


Back row: Captain John Mills MC (7th Battalion), Major John Rogers MC, Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Gleadell DSO (both 12th Devons), Captain Frederick Balfour Scott MC (2nd Ox and Bucks), Majors Richmond Gorle MC (2nd Airlanding Anti-Tank Regiment) and Robin Rigby MC (1st Royal Ulster Rifles), Captain Tod Sweeney MC (2nd Ox and Bucks), Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Luard DSO (13th Battalion) and Captain Richard Smith MC (2nd Ox and Bucks).


Middle row: Captain John Fisher MC (195th Airlanding Field Ambulance), Captain/Reverend Whitfield Foy MC, Major Jack Watson MC (both 13th Battalion), Brigadier Nigel Poett DSO (HQ 5th Para Brigade), Field Marshal Montgomery, Major-General Eric Bols DSO (Divisional HQ), Brigadier James Hill DSO (HQ 3rd Para Brigade), Lieutenant-Colonels Norman Hewlings DSO (225th Para Field Ambulance) and Frank Lowman DSO (CRE, Divisional HQ).


Front row: Lieutenant-Colonel Kenneth Darling DSO (12th Battalion), Captain Hugh Clark (2nd Ox and Bucks), Lieutenant-Colonel Napier Crookenden DSO (9th Battalion), Captains John Brown MC (Recce Regiment) and John Shappee MC (8th Battalion).