249th Field Company RE in November 1943. Click here for a full-size (518kb) photograph. Copyright: Bryan Chatham.


First row (bottom) left to right: Sapper B Betts, two unknowns, Sappers Allan Shoolbred and Green, four unknowns, Sappers L Kester, B Petts and Ashburnham, three unknowns, Lance-Corporals D Barden, D Barden (same man, which one he is is not clear) and Thomas, four unknowns, Sappers W Harvey, John Fuller, Raymond Willetts, J McDougall, G Marsden, J Wilkinson, and A Dove.


Second row: Lance-Corporals A Block and W Copping, Corporals J Jupp, Hazeldene and J Cunningham, two unknowns, Corporal Watson, Sergeant Smithson, Lance-Sergeant J Booth, Sergeants D Doody and B Jennings, Sappers Hothekshal and E Eager, RSM B Morris, unknown, Lieutenants Martindale and Smurden, Captain Wetherall, Major Rutherford, Captains Clive, Hurst, Woodcock and Neilson, CSM Isaacs, CQMS Jones, Sergeants R Thelwell, S Worral and Ward, Lance-Sergeants E Brown, R Lax and Bob Warner, Corporals H Cort, F Dyball, F Hicks, unknown, Corporal J Moore, B Marlow and Les "Tex" Rainger.


Third row: Sapper P Lowery, two unknowns, Sapper Cyril Larkin, unknown, Sappers D Hugher, Foster, J Miller, G Collet and J Baty, unknown, Sappers Postelthaite and Lake, three unknowns, Sapper Dennis Chatham, five unknowns, Sapper Moss, Lance-Corporal Gree, unknown, Sapper Ellis, unknown, Sapper J Evans, four unknowns, Sapper A Huntington, two unknowns, Sapper Basil Gray, unknown, Sapper Mathews, unknown, Sappers F Tew and E Evans, unknown.


Fourth row: Unknown, Sapper N Carter, unknown, Sappers A Newton, J Connelly, G Fisher, Midwood, E Roberts, Fleming, J Riley, unknown, Sappers A Sharman, E Ward and Shorey, unknown, Sappers T Waring, Paget, Bates and H Wheeler, two unknowns, Sappers J Burns and Danson, Lance-Corporal Straw, Sappers A Clarke, Hazlett, Guess, Green, B Tarry, J Preece, R Toy, T Shaw, unknown, Sappers Richardson, Smith, Lockhart, C Chandler, F Flynn and Deighan, unknown.


Fifth row: Two unknowns, Sapper Overton, unknown, Sappers J Brand, Clarke, G Hunt and J Sloin, unknown, Sappers McCann, Overton and J Sewell, ten unknowns, Sapper Stewart, two unknowns, Sapper B Abbey, three unknowns, Sappers G Lambert, Eaton, Starnes and F Giles, three unknowns, Sappers E Birt and R Glass, two unknowns.


Sixth row (top): Sappers T Beard and G Quiller, two unknowns, Sapper Gladman, unknown, Sapper J Hill, Lance-Corporal Bull, Muir and Tate, unknown, Lance-Corporal J Humphry, Sappers Bond, A Brock and Flint, unknown.