Warrant Officer's and Sergeant's Mess, 13th Parachute Battalion, February 1945. Note that not all are present as some men were on leave and others recovering from wounds obtained in the Ardennes. Click here for a full-size (430kb) photograph. Copyright: George Butler.


Front row (left to right): Sergeant Chadwick, CSM Batho MM, CSM Dugdale, RSM Duxbury, Lieutenant-Colonel Luard, Captain Millman (Adjutant), CSM Moreland, CSMI Parrish (APTE), and CSM Lawley.


Second row (not including those standing just behind in the third row) (left to right): Sergeants Butler, Hornsby and Thomas English, C/Sgt Wrigley, S/Sgt Cookson, C/Sgt Watkins, possibly Sgt Ford, C/Sgt Meechin, Sgts Jones (APTE), McPhail (REME), Morris, and Tickell.


Third row (left to right): Sergeants Braddock, Railton, Hobday, Brady, Eggleton, Boys, T. Smith, Cox, Higgins, Hilton, Russell, and Neat.


Fourth row (left to right): Sergeants Unwin, Sullivan, Ferguson, Scott (RAMO), Stubbs, J. Smith, Unknown, Ernest O'Brien, Copie, Hewitt, Snow (ACE), S. Muir, Webster (REME), Innes (APTE), Unknown, Sergeant Alex Runacres (No.5 Platoon), and Lewis.


Back row (left to right): Unknown, Sgt Clifford Weaver, Unknown, Sergeant Holland, Unknown, Sergeants Edmundson, Clarke, Cahill, Farrell, Brimmicombe, Webb, Roberts, Pritchard, Unknown, and Badel.


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