Lieutenant Bob Midwood briefs his platoon of the 22nd Independent Parachute Company for their pathfinding role in Normandy. Corresponding to the numbered faces on the photograph below - (2) Lance-Corporal Edward Delaney O'Sullivan, killed in action on the 6th June 1944; his body was found by two French youths at approximately 04:00, ten yards from the body of a dead German. It is believed that the two men shot each other simultaneously with their sub-machineguns. (3) Lieutenant Bob Midwood. (5) ? Gordon. (7) Sergeant Kidd. (8) Sergeant John Edmund Rixson. (12) Sergeant Smith. (13) Griff Thomas. (14) Sergeant Leverett. (15) Ray Povey. (16) R.A. Stoodley. (17) Frederick Arthur "Roxy" Lovatt. (18) Ken Norton. If you can identify any people on this photograph, please write to Copyright: Imperial War Museum.