Sergeant Terence Collins


6153130 Sergeant Terence Collins of "A" Squadron, The Glider Pilot Regiment. On the 6th June 1944, he and Staff-Sergeant Alan Hunter flew a Horsa glider, either chalk no.84 or 87, from RAF Harwell to LZ-N as part of Operation Tonga, carrying the following men of Headquarters Royal Engineers; Captain Maynard (Adjutant), Sergeant J. Taylor, Lance-Corporal Lawrence, and Sappers F. Beeby and Walker. The glider was hit by flak and crashed near Grangues on the eastern side of the River Dives; all aboard survived but Taylor, Lawrence and Beeby were taken prisoner on the 6th June, and Walker on the 7th June. Collins and Hunter were sheltered by French civilians at a farm in Perriers-en-Auge, where they joined other airborne troops whose names are listed on the back of a photograph of Collins which he gave to a lady on the farm; CQMS Peter A. Midlane (7th Battalion), Lance-Corporal Cyril Williams, and what appears to be written as "Orr Pres" and J. Lalbin. The group were reportedly betrayed by a collaborator and taken prisoner on around the 2nd July. Moving via Paris, Collins was taken to Germany in September and spent the remainder of the war at Stalag Luft VII, POW number 83906. On his return to the UK, he and Hunter accompanied the 6th Airborne Division to Palestine and both were demobbed in December 1947. Courtesy of Vincent Carpentier. Copyright: Guy Romanet.



Courtesy of Vincent Carpentier. Copyright: Guy Romanet.