Lance-Corporal Arthur William Ward


A series of original photographs of the monument and field graves from 1944-45, the colour photograph with caption shows the monument without the field graves as the bodies of the fallen Commandos have been removed and relocated in Ranville. The monument remained for some years in the area of the vegetable garden/ orchard. I have taken a few modern day photos of the original position for comparison purposes, it proved impossible to take photographs from the same position as the 1940s photographers as the land forms part of the manor which is a private dwelling. The chicken wire fence remains the boundary marker and the point of reference for all photos.







The modern day photographs show the monuments location now (2016) outside the manor house in a small triangular patch of ground named in honour of Lt Colonel Robert Dawson, the motivation for the move was so as to ease and allow access to veteranís and relatives when visiting and to provide a visible reminder to all of the sacrifice of 4 Commando in this small corner of Normandy.