Private Albert Leversuch


Albert Francis "Bert" Leversuch of No.1 Platoon, "A" Company, 8th Parachute Battalion, who was killed on the 6th June 1944, aged 19. The Dakota in which he flew was hit by anti-aircraft fire and one of its engines was set alight, forcing the paratroopers to make a premature jump in the vicinity of Sannerville. They came under enemy fire as they descended; Corporal Rogers and Private Scott were killed, while Leversuch was wounded in the abdomen, but after landing managed to drag himself towards some cover. Three members of the French Resistance had witnessed the drop and tried to warn Leversuch that snipers were overlooking the area, but he could not understand them, and upon looking up to get his bearings was shot above the left eye and died instantly. The man who shot him came forward to search his body, during the process of which he was set upon by the Frenchmen and killed. The bodies of Leversuch, Rogers and Scott were wrapped in their parachutes and hidden in a haystack overnight, before being buried in the nearby churchyard in the morning. See for more information. Copyright: Robert Lawes.



Copyright: Robert Lawes.