Corporal Charles Henry Godbold



Corporal Godbold was aboard the second glider to land astride Pegasus Bridge on the 6th June 1944. As a consequence of the officer casualties within the Coup de Main Force, Godbold was later placed in command of No.2 Platoon (No.24 Platoon, "D" Company). During the morning of the 6th June, two German gunboats approached the bridge, the leading craft firing upon it with its 20mm gun to no effect. 7th Battalion men returned fire and, when within range, Corporal Godbold fired a PIAT bomb which struck the wheelhouse and forced the boat to collide with the bank, where its crew surrendered. Godbold, born on the 20th June 1915, died on the 1st December 2008, aged 93. Copyright: Jake Godbold.