Private William James Kerr


Unit : "A" Company, 11th Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 6985438

Awards : Bronzen Leeuw


On the 22nd September 1944 during a German Infantry and tank attack, the crew of a six-pounder anti-tank gun in the sector of "A" Company, 11th Battalion the Parachute Regiment, were put out of action. Private Kerr dashed to the deserted gun and brought it back into action engaging advancing enemy tanks. Kerr destroyed the leading enemy tank at 100 yards range but his position was spotted and he came under fire from the second tank. Private Kerr was wounded and although he was bleeding profusely from his wounds and in great pain, he continued firing his six-pounder anti-tank gun. He stopped another enemy tank and forced the remaining enemy tanks to withdraw out of range from his Company's position. Private Kerr refused to go into hospital and continued to engage the enemy with rifle fire until he was eventually ordered to be taken to the Casualty Station by his Company Commander. Private Kerr's gallantry and devotion to duty was an inspiration to all the men in his Company.


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