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Month and year: August 1944

Commander: Lt Col M St J Packe


13th August 1944

Place: Leadenham


Seaborne Element moved to TRANSIT CAMP, WOODFORD.  RASC in camps T/3 and T/5.  Allotted ships MTS 293 and 299 for Coys.  MTS 407 for HQ RASC


14th August 1944

0353 - 5,000 rds 75mm How Fuze 54 arrived at Transit Camps for distribution amongst available tpt.


0800 - Loading of amn completed at T/5 Camp.


0830 - Moved to ROYAL ALBERT DOCKS.


1500 - Loading completed.


2000 - Moved down River.


15th August 1944

Anchored off SOUTHEND, sailed mid-day.


16th August 1944

1900 - Arrived JUNO BEACH.


17th August 1944

Place: France


0800 - Unloading into TLCs commenced.


1015 - Tac Conference.  Moved under arrangements Control to GOLDSMITH AREA.  One PU 'drowned' on landing.


1200 - HQ Conc in GOLDSMITH AREA.  Nil Casualties.


1430 - HQ moved from Transit Camp under arrangements Movement Control.


1600 - Arrived Dispersal Point West of BAYEUX.


1630 - Arrived Div Area MR 676754 Sth of LA MIME.


2100 - Sup Pt opened by 93 Comp Pl, issues made to Bde Gps and Div Tps.


18th August 1944

Capt JD Naylor with Staff Capt 'Q' Div HQ visited AA&QMG 5 L of C, arrangements made for NAAFI Mobile Canteen to visit Div.  NAAFI stocks to be drawn from 103 BIS.


19th August 1944

Capt JD NAYLOR with Gp reps visited 103 BIS to order weeks' supply of NAAFI.  No Beer, No Whisky, No Gin.  Arrangements made for drawing bulk for following week.  Tentage issue to cover 100% acquired.  Heavy rain during afternoon.  Polish Para Bde moved into location.


20th August 1944

Organisation of Camp.  Maj HALLS and Capt NAYLOR visited ADT, received instructions for both 93 Coy and 2 Pls 250 Coy to be off-loaded and made available to 21 Army Gp for tpt purposes.


21st August 1944

Heavy rain.  Visited BCD, EFI and 103 BIS with rep Polish Para Bde Gp.  Film show arranged for the evening cancelled.  Film ruined by rain.


23rd August 1944

250 Coy RASC moved to new location MR 805793.  250 Coy working under 5 L of C, clearing air freight and mail.  93 Coy working under 5 L of C carrying out local details around BAYEUX area.


28th August 1944

Film Show at Village Hall, LA MIME.


29th August 1944

Maj HALLS detailed by Div HQ to provide pty from HQ, 25 Jeeps and Trailers, MSS - 3 Fitters - 1 Elect from 250 Coy to return to UK and rejoin Airborne Element of Div.


1100 - Maj HALLS detailed to provide a pl from 93 Coy to re-embark for UK with above.  Maj HALLS visited 21 Army Gp for confirmation of above details, and was told they were asked for by name at a Conference held that morning by reps from Airborne Tps.


1630 - Capt JD NAYLOR - 3 ORs - 1 Jeep HQ RASC : 1 Offr 55 ORs - 93 Coy + 25 Jeeps and Trailers - 250 Coy assembled HQ RASC location.  2 x 3-ton taken to carry G1098.


1700 - All parties moved off to GOLDSMITH AREA carrying Airborne Scales of equipment.


30th August 1944

1130 - Tpt and personnel embarked for ENGLAND.  ENSA Show at Village Hall, LA MINE.  Maj HALLS arranged with Div HQ to receive 6 extra 3-ton vehs for RASC use from 21 Army Gp so that amn previously carried in 2 x 3-ton (93 Coy) and 25 Trailers (250 Coy) sent off would not have to be dumped but could be carried forward with us.


31st August 1944

Received message from Div HQ informing us to reload amn (93 Coy) and to be prepared to move within 24 hrs as from 2300 hrs 30 Aug.



Month and year: September 1944

Commander: Lt Col M St J Packe


1st September 1944

Place: France


1900 - Received orders to move.  Coys warned - Rations and Pet issued.


0600 - RASC Gp moved to LA MINE.


2nd September 1944

0900 - AFs W 3008 and 3009 forwarded to GHQ 2nd ECHELON.


1900 - Arrived destination GISOR.  2 days COMPO rations issued from holdings.  Received orders to collect Pet and Sups from 156 FMC at PASSY, location beyond R SEINE distance 40 miles; SEINE crossing so bad and 156 FMC so busy impossible to draw Sups and Pet and only 5,000 galls Pet drawn.


3rd September 1944

0900 - Received orders to move, impossible to carry out owing to Pet shortage.


1500 - RASC Gp eventually moved to CROISSY - arrived 1930 hrs.  Detailed 93 Coy to remain GISOR until further notice, Maj HALLS visited DDST 30 Corps to clear up further Pet and Sup drawings, was allowed to use 158 FMC and to draw a ration of 6,000 galls Pet and 5,000 FS Rations (2 days supply).  Returned to GISOR detailed 93 Coy to move to CROISSY.  Detailed Comp Pl to proceed to CROISSY before main body; dump 18 lorry loads of stores and then proceed to 158 FMC to collect above and return to CROISSY and est Pet and Sup Pt at Rly Sta.  Detailed 250 Coy RASC to provide 25 loaders for 93 Coy.


4th September 1944

Received orders from Div HQ not to issue Pet until informed.  No further move, and army Pet situation serious.  Order to make available 100 x 3-ton vehs for urgent requirements to be available as from 0800 hrs.  250 Coy detailed to provide 10 x 3-ton - 93 Coy to withdrawn vehs from Bdes and to have 90 x 3-ton available.  This meant dumping certain stores loads.


5th September 1944

0300 - Informed by Div HQ that Div were moving at 1330 hrs same day to area N AMIENS


0800 - Maj HALLS visited Div HQ, enquired if authority for 20,000 galls Pet already indented for on 2nd Army had arrived, it had not, was given MR GHQ 2nd Army Tps.  Visited location of GHQ 2nd Army Tps and found they had moved.  Returned Div HQ, had just received new MR and telling CRASC to call for authority.  All fixed for drawing 20,000 galls Pet from 215 Pet Depot NE of DAULLENS.  93 Coy had 48 vehs still on a 2nd Army detail and 45 with units to supplement 1st line lift; 4 Comp Pl vehs were drawing two days rations for Div for consumption 9/10 SEP to carry fwd to new area.  Maj HALLS informed them they were not to move until vehs had returned from detail.  All stores reloaded again.  This would probably be early morning 7th.  They were detailed to do the move from CROISSY - AMIENS - BRUSSELS on 7th and to catch up with main Div Pty evening 7th (distance 140 miles).


1700 - 250 Coy were ordered to off load 12 vehs after arrival in AMIENS area and collect 20,000 galls Pet from 215 Pet Depot, and set up Pet Pt under Capt MILLER (93 Coy) in Div Area.  Pet Pt was opened 2130 hrs (unable to do before because 215 Pet Depot was not open until 1900 hrs).  Notifications on 6 Sep of next days move to BRUSSELS Area to start at 0600 hrs.


1630 - Maj HALLS attended Conference Div HQ to put forward suggestions for moving Seaborne Echelon.


1800 - Informed no move probable before 8 Sep.


2355 - Message received from Div HQ for Div to move to AMIENS area 1300 hrs 6 SEP.


6th September 1944

0345 - Message from Div HQ to move AMIENS Area after 1300 hrs 6 SEP.


0800 - Maj HALLS attended Div Conference for move.


0900 - Maj HALLS had Conference OCs 93 Coy and 250 Coy.  OC 93 Coy instructed to use 4,000 galls Pet held in reserve and to return all vehs loaned by Bdes, to do this they had unloaded amn for 4th time.


0920 - Maj GIFFORD attended Div Conference vice Maj HALLS.


1000 - Maj HALLS left to visit 2nd Army and arrange for drawing 2,000 galls Pet.  Lt DRAKE left to visit 2nd ARMY and arrange for drawing of Sups for cons 9/10 SEP.


1400 - HQ RASC moved into FRAVILLIER.


7th September 1944

1800 - Maj HALLS attended Div Conference.  More difficulty in obtaining Pet.  Authy obtained by HQ did not reach Pet Depot and when 93 Coy vehs went to collect Pet Depot out of stock.


Place: Belgium


0900 - HQ RASC moved with RASC Coys from FARVILLIER to HAL.


1830 - HQ RASC opened at HAL.


[The following entries may be for the 8th September]


1300 - Pet and Sup Pts set up VELTHAM - BEYSSEY Sta and opened.


1600 - HQ RASC moved from HAL to S of LOUVAIN.  Maj HALLS visited DDST 30 CORPS and obtained authy for extra 3,000 galls Pet which was actually delivered to units requiring it, and two days Rations for consumption 11 and 12 SEP from 160 FMS - ZELLICK MR 568604.  Sups to be collected morning 9 SEP.


9th September 1944

No move today.  Maintenance day for vehs.  AFs W 3008 and 3009 forwarded to GHQ 2nd ECHELON.


10th September 1944

Message received from Div HQ placing all Gps on 6 hrs notice to move.  Message received from Div HQ placing all Gps on 48 hrs notice to move.  Message received from Div HQ placing all Gps on 4 hrs notice to move.  Message received from Div HQ placing all Gps on 48 hrs notice to move.  Lt DRAKE admitted to 86 Gen Hosp - Sick.


11th September 1944

1400 - Maj HALLS visited DDST 30 CORPS - Message received from Div HQ NO move 12 SEP.


12th September 1944

1100 - Message received from Div HQ No move 13 SEP.


1200 - Authy received for further 3,000 galls Pet.


1400 - 6 ORs proceeded BRUSSELS recreational Tpt.


1500 - Authy received from 30 CORPS for further 3,000 galls Pet.


1600 - Compo Rations issued for consumption 13 SEP.


13th September 1944

1000 - NAAFI Sups issued to personnel.


1600 - Dvr EDMONDS whilst in 250 Coy lines discharged his Sten Gun and wounded a civilian.  Reported to this HQ.


1700 - Message received from Div HQ No move 14 SEP.  Div at 4 hrs notice as from 0600 hrs 15 SEP.  Sup Pt opened for issue of COMPO Rations for consumption 14 and 15 SEP.


14th September 1944

0845 - Maj HALLS RV Div HQ to meet GOC.


0915 - Orderly Room - Maj HALLS awarded Dvr EDMONDS 10 days FP.


1500 - Recce Pty moved off to recce new area.


1700 - Maj HALLS attended Conference at Div HQ.  Sup and Pet Pt opened for issue of COMPO Rations for consumption 16 and 17 SEP.


1900 - Sup and Pet Pt closed.


15th September 1944

0700 - HQ RASC moved into HELCHTEREN.


16th September 1944

0900 - AFs W 3000 and 3009 fwd to GHQ 2nd ECHELON.


1300 - HQ RASC 1 AIRBORNE DIV ADM ORDER No 1 issued.


17th September 1944

0300 - BDST ended - watches put back 1 hr.


0900 - Pet Pt opened.


0945 - Maj HALLS attended Conference to meet Col CURTIS re future moves etc.


1100 - Sup Pt opened - 4 days Rations issued.


1600 - Maj HALLS briefed ORs of HQ on drop of 1 Airborne Div.


1730 - Maj HALLS attended Conference of Col CURTIS.


18th September 1944

1300 - Coln 'A' to 'Stand-to' for move as from 1500 hrs - RASC vehs on road at 1430 hrs.


1315 - Amdt to HQ RASC 1 AIRBORNE DIV ADM ORDER No 1 issued.


1715 - Coln 'A' no move before 1200 hrs 19 SEP and at 2 hrs notice to move.  50 Jeeps and 200 personnel have arrived by sea in BLA - Seaborne Ech RASC detailed to draw Sups and Pet for this Pty.


19th September 1944

1000 - Div HQ message stating no move of Coln 'A' before 1500 hrs today received.


1030 - Maj HALLS visited DDST Air Tps.


1230 - Maj HALLS visited DDST Air Tps.


1430 - Maj HALLS visited DDST Air Tps.


1500 - Pet Pt opened.


1700 - Maj HALLS visited DDST Air Tps.


1600 - HQ RASC draw Sups to last till 22 SEP.


2030 - Message received from Div HQ Coln 'A' moves off 0600 hrs 20 SEP.  Coln 'B' to 'Stand-To' - no move daylight 21 SEP.


20th September 1944

0600 - Maj HALLS and 5 ORs, 1 Jeep, 1 x 3-ton left with Coln 'A' for ARNHEM.  Progress very slow due to amount of traffic on route.


21st September 1944

0815 - Orders received for Coln 'B' to move at 1015 hrs.  'A' Coln outside EINDHOVEN halted due to report received that enemy action taking place in and around town.


0930 - 1 days FR issued to 'B' Coln.


1015 - Balance of CRASC - 3 PUs, 1 Jeep and Trailer, Office Truck and 1 x 3-ton passed SP.


1100 - 'A' Coln position unchanged.  Two days COMPO Rations issued from Op stocks.


1630 - Coln 'A' message received from Comd Seaborne Ech that Coln likely to move on at short notice.


1900 - Coln 'A' moved up via EINDHOVEN - ST ODENRUDE - UDEN - to GRAVE.


22nd September 1944

0515 - Coln 'A' halted at GRAVE.


0600 - Coln 'B' reaches EINDHOVEN.


0730 - Coln 'B' moved from EINDHOVEN.


1430 - Coln 'A' received message that enemy attempting break-through approx 8 miles back.  Defensive position adopted.


1500 - 'A' Coln received message that 50 Div reported as handling posn re break-through.  Coln moved forward over NIJMEGEN Bridge.


1530 - 'B' Coln reached ZON CANAL.


1900 - 'A' Coln halted at woods Nr NIJMEGEN.


2130 - 'B' Coln received orders to return to EINDHOVEN due to enemy break-through.


23rd September 1944

2000 - 'B' Coln moved from area AALST to area ZON CANAL.  'A' Coln unchanged.


24th September 1944

0730 - 'B' Coln moved from ZON CANAL.


1300 - 'B' Coln arrived NIJMEGEN and joined 'A' Coln.


25th September 1944

1630 - CRASC, Adjt and 4 ORs returned to unit from ARNHEM.


1830 - 3 ORs returned to unit from ARNHEM.


26th September 1944

1000 - Casualties for HQ RASC published and forwarded GHQ 2nd ECHELON.  Maj DG CLARK - Capt BC Winter-GOODWIN - Cpl FC COPE Missing.  Dvr DI JONES Killed in Action.


28th September 1944

0730 - CRASC and HQ departed NIJMEGEN.


1500 - CRASC and HQ arrived LOUVAIN.


29th September 1944

1200 - CRASC, Adjt and 9 ORs left for airfd at BRUSSELS.


1900 - CRASC, Adjt and 9 ORs returned from airfd at BRUSSELS.


30th September 1944

0930 - CRASC, Adjt and 9 ORs departed by air from BRUSSELS to UK.


1700 - HQ RASC moved to MEERYSSCHE.



Month and year: October 1944

Commander: Lt Col M St J Packe


1st October 1944

Place: Neerysche


2000 - Received orders for Seaborne Echelon of RASC to move 2nd Oct to OSTEND.


2nd October 1944

1000 - Seaborne Echelon RASC moved by road to OSTEND.


3rd October 1944

Place: Ostend


2000 - Seaborne Echelon RASC embarked in LST for UK - Gale warning given - LST lost both screws against pier - Tug called for to tug LST to UK.


6th October 1944

Place: Tilbury


1400 - Seaborne Echelon RASC disembarked UK (TILBURY) and moved by road to LEADENHAM arriving 2200 hrs.  1 Jeep VOR.


Place: Leadenham


Airborne Party proceeded on leave (disembarkation).


7th October 1944

0900 - AFs W 3008 and 3009 forwarded GHQ 2nd Echelon.


8th October 1944

Seaborne Party and Residues proceeded on leave (disembarkation).