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British Liberation Army


Brigade Transport Officer





Division / Divisional

Despatch Rider


King's Own Scottish Borderers

Light Aid Detachment

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Motor Transport Officer

Operation Order

Other Ranks

Royal Army Service Corps








Month and year: August 1944


13th August 1944

0700 - Seaborne Tail of:- Capt R Davies, Capt Ashburnham, Lt Dunlop, 1 WO & 71 ORs with 26 Vehicles left Woodhall.  Arrival No 2 Transit camp Canning Town 2000 hrs 13 Aug 44.


14th August 1944

0900 - Commenced loading vehicles on the SS Samnesse & embarking personnel; completed by 1700 hrs.


15th August 1944

1700 - Sailed for France.


16th August 1944

2000 - Anchored off Tracy-Sur-Mer, Normandy.


17th August 1944

0600 - Disembarked & proceeded to Goldsmith Camp, Banville.


1400 - Proceeded to Div Concentration Area near LES MINES.


18th August 1944

Maintenance & overhaul of Arms Equipment & Vehicles.


21st August 1944

1800 - Received orders; to unload & return 93 Coy RASC Vehicles by 2000 hrs.


23rd August 1944

1900 - Conference Bde HQ; warned to stand by for move at 24 hrs notice.


24th August 1944

0930 - Inspection of all vehicles & M/cs by BTO.



Month and year: September 1944


1st September 1944

0900 - RASC lorries returned to unit.  Conference at Bde & received warning order to be prepared to move on 2 SEPTEMBER.


2nd September 1944

0615 - Moved as Div Col to Chappelle Le Vexin via Bayeux - CAEN - EVREUX - VERNON.  Arrived destination 2100 hrs conference at Bde 2230 hrs.


3rd September 1944

1215 - Moved as Div Col to LIHUS near AMIENS arrived at 2200 hrs.  Conference Bde 2230 hrs.


4th September 1944

0700 - Despatched 5 RASC lorries for work on 2nd Army L of C.


1100 - Despatched one unit 3 tonner for work on 2nd Army L of C.


5th September 1944

0700 - Maintenance & Admin day.


1730 - Scouting party under Lt Dunlop sent to search wooded area for enemy stragglers in woods around LIHUS and HETOINESNIL.


6th September 1944

1400 - Moved to area NE of AMIENS & stayed night at BAIZEUX.


7th September 1944

1600 - Moved to area S.E. of BRUSSELS & stayed night at LOTH.


8th September 1944

0600 - Moved to LOUVAIN area and stayed in MEERBREEK.


9th September 1944

Maintenance & Admin day.


15th September 1944

0600 - Moved to area HUESDEN - LILO - HELCHEREN (BELGIUM).


20th September 1944

0600 - Started on final journey to link up with Bn.  Owing to presence of enemy at SON bridge N of EINDHOVEN could only reach VALKENSWAARD and parked for night on roadside.


22nd September 1944

2000 - Moved to St ODENRODE at 1600 hrs remained there till 2100 hrs 23 sept 44.


23rd September 1944

2100 - Reports of enemy breaking through Column at St ODENRODE.  Div Col split by breakthrough.  Ordered to return to South of EINDHOVEN which was reached at 0400 hrs 24 Sep 44.


24th September 1944

Remained at VALKENSWAARD south of EINDHOVEN to permit 43 Div & 50 Div to pass through.


1900 - Moved at 1900 hrs to woods at BERGENDAL south of NIJMEGEN, arriving there 1000 hrs 25 Sep 44 where contact was made with remainder of Div Column.


1630 - Ordered to send two NAAFI packs to Bde HQ - done.


25th September 1944

1700 - Prepare for reception of Div at NIJMEGEN.  Personnel of all units started coming in at 2300 hrs and continued through the night.


26th September 1944

1700 - Returned all personnel other than 1st Airlanding Bde to own Unit and received remainder of 1st Air Ldg Bde from other Units.


27th September 1944

0900 - Left NIJMEGEN for GRAVE airstrip with Advance Parties.  No flying and returned to Unit at NIJMEGEN.


28th September 1944

0945 - Moved from NIJMEGEN to LOUVAIN.


29th September 1944

1230 - Left LOUVAIN for BRUSSELS Airfield.  Units emplaned at BRUSSELS 1415 hrs departed 1430 hrs and arrived Woodhall Spa 1700 hrs.  Share barracks with 1/ Border Regt.





O.O. No.1.


5 Sep 44.


        1.  INFORMATION.

                Enemy - Stragglers and Small bodies of the enemy have been left in the area.  They are mostly S.S. Troops who will offer the maximum resistance.

                Own Tps - Other units of the Bde are operating in the following areas:-

7 K.O.S.B.

1 Border

Bde HQ

181 Fld Amb

9 Fd Coy

- Sq 8827

- Sq 8927


) - Sq 8727


                        Care will, therefore, be exercised when approaching these areas to ensure no firing takes place against our own tps.  Bde Pass Word will be communicated verbally, to unit tps operating, by Lt Dunlop.

        2.  INTENTION.  To clear the areas in Sq 8728, 8829, 8830, 8929, 8930 & 8928 of any enemy by either destroying them if resistance is offered or bringing them in as prisoners.

        3.  METHOD.  2 secs under Comd Lt Dunlop with sec Comds under CSM Dumphie and C/S Pateman will proceed to Sq 8728 and those shown in Para 2 above and comb the wooded areas specially.  All likely hiding places will be searched.  The party will leave camp at 1730 hrs and return not later than 2115 hrs.

        4.  DRESS.  Loose Dress.  Rifle men - Rifle and Bandolier.  Bren Gunners - Bren and two mags plus one on gun.

        5.  ADM.  Cook Sgt to arrange tea and supper for party on return.

        6.  ACK.


[Signed R. Davies] Capt.

Commanding Det., 2 South Staffords.

Method of issue - By runner.

Time of Sig - 1400 hrs.




Seaborne Lift, 2 South Staffords.



No one will leave camp today without permission of the M.T.O.


        1.  Route - Club route.

        2.  Speed - 10 M.I.H.

        3.  V.T.H. - 35 = 40x between vehs.

        4.  Road Discipline - No double banking on any occasion.  Minimum backward movement.  Drivers NOT to leave vehs except at long halts when authorised.  No lights at night unless ordered.  At halts vehs close up nose to tail except those carrying PIATS and ATk Guns.  D.Rs. except the three with Unit will travel at head of Bde column.  D.Rs. will not remain at rear after Bde column has passed but will move up to head of column again.  They will ensure particularly that all vehs keep single line.  Priority to be given on route to bridging and amphibious vehs.  Route cards will be issued today.  Silks yellow will be displayed in a conspicuous position on all vehs.  Drivers and navigators will use their own silks for this.

        5.  LOADS.  ATk Gun crews will travel in jeeps with Guns.  Any overflow of a crew will travel in nearest veh immediately behind the gun.  Driver's packs and bedding will be carried in the Coy 3 ton.

        6.  ARMS.  All weapons will be loaded but no round in the chamber.  PIATS and Brens will be at the ready with amn available at the side.

        7.  DRESS.  F.S.M.O. and Beret - steel helmets handy.

        8.  CONDUCT.  Road discipline will be strict and defence positions will be taken up at long halts.  The column will be split up so that specific positions come under immediate control of an Officer or NCO in the event of an attack - see sheet II.  If any portion of the column is attacked information will be immediately sent forward to Unit Comd.  Conduct on route is to be exceptional; no halting to accept fruit etc., from civilians.  D.Rs. will keep vehs on the move.  There will be no light of any description showing during darkness.  If attacked at night when moving the alarm signal will be a succession of short blasts on the block Comds motor horn; all clear - one long blast.  There will be morning and evening 'stand to' after leaving this area.  Water - All bottles filled.  All water carts filled.  Sterilisation carried out by personnel if drawn from sources other than water cart.

                Special Warning - Situation is that we are moving through a friendly country but with many of the enemy left in pockets.


[Signed R. Davies] Capt.

Comdg., Seaborne Lift, 2 South Staffords.


18 Sep 44.




1. Staff Car

2. Jeep, ATk Gun (Bren)

2(a). Private Car

3. Jeep (SABOT)

4. Jeep

5. Jeep

6. Jeep

7. Jeep

8. 15 cwt (Bren)

9. Jeep

10. Jeep

11. 15 cwt

12. 15 cwt

13. 3 ton

14. 3 ton

15. Jeep (PIAT)

16. P.U.

17. 3 ton A Coy

18. 3 ton C Coy

19. 3 ton D Coy

20. 3 ton S Coy

21. 3 ton Mort

22. 15 cwt (Bren)

23. 3 ton (German)

24. 3 ton B Coy

25. Jeep & Binned Trailer

26. Private Car

27. 3 ton (German) (Fitters)

28. L.A.D.

29. L.A.D.

30. L.A.D.

31. L.A.D.

32. L.A.D.

33. L.A.D.

34. Jeep, ATk Gun & Bren

35. Jeep & Trailer (SABOT PIAT)

L/C Willets

Pte Riley

Pte Mantell

Pte Beech

Pte Pearsall

Pte Worthington

Pte Davey

Pte Hickman

L/C Harrison

Pte Malpass

Pte Hudson

Cpl Dudley

Pte Nicholls

Pte Rushforth

Pte Pagett

L/C Martin

L/C Teesdale





Pte Reynolds

Pte Sawyer

Sgt Rudd


Pte Leeland

Capt Ashburnham

L/C Selvey







Pte Blanchard

Cpl Fagg

Capt Davies, Pte Jones

Pte Watson, Pte Burton, Cpl Young (M/C)

Pte Sallis

L/C Langman

Pte Johnson


Pte Trudghill

Pte Taylor

Pte Michael

C/S Pateman

L/C Creaser

Cpl Barton

Pte Duffy

Sgt Yates

Cpl Stevens

Cpl Horlock

CSM Dumphie

C/S Smith, Pte Flaherty

C/S Colclough, Pte Woods

C/S Hudson, Pte Carr

Cpl Hincks, Pte Gunton

Pte Williams

L/C Osbourne


C/S Cullen



Pte Watts







L/C Crossman, Pte Astbury, Cpl Halliwell (M/C)

Pte Richards, Pte Chesher

MCs - C/S Gregge, Sgt Scholey, Sgt Mees, Cfn McIver, Pte Burdett, Pte Hardley, Pte Handley, Pte Wall, Lieut Dunlop.



35 to 27

26 to 17

16 to 10

9 to 2

Capt Newby

Capt Ashburnham

CSM Dumphie

C/S Pateman