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Commanding Officer

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Royal Army Medical Corps





Month and year: September 1944

Commanding Officer : Major C.F.H. Gough


17th September 1944

Place: Arnhem


1335 - Gliders down, one badly crash landed.


1410 - Parachute personnel jump.


1500 - Troop under command of Capt Hay move to R.V.


1540 - Under command of the C.O., the Troop lead the way on the route chosen by the Squadron to ARNHEM.


1550 - Enemy M.G. and mortar fire comes from area north of WOLFHEZE station.  Troops dismount and fans out to engage the enemy posts.  Lieut BUCKNALL and his section are pinned down by fire.  Lieut FOULKES and BOWLES advance with their sections under cover of slight smoke screen with the intention of relieving the hard pressed section with Lieut BUCKNALL.  They came under heavy fire and have to give up the attempt.  Capt SWINSCOW R.A.M.C. goes forward under heavy fire to succour wounded men.  Whilst he is attending to the men the Germans fire upon and kill the patient.  He has to withdraw still under fire.  Lieut BUCKNALL and his section killed.


1830 - Relieved by the Glider Pilot Regt.  Troop draws out and regroups.


1900 - Move to Divisional area.


2200 - Troops hold west flank of the Divisional area for the night.


18th September 1944

Place: Arnhem


0630 - New task given to Troop.  Landing Zone north of railway line has to be clear of the enemy - troop to guard the eastern flank.


0700 - Positions of defence adopted.  Snipers become troublesome, patrol sent to squash them.


1000 - Four snipers captured - very frightened.


1100 - Planes overhead which are taken to be ours.  Bursts of cannon fire dispel all beliefs of friendly aircraft.  The Messerschmidts use plenty of ammunition but inflict no damage.


1200 - Strong attack comes in on Lieut FOULKES and his section.  Attack held and eventually beaten off.  Two O.R.s casualties.


1230 - Messerschmidts give another display of aeronautics.


1400 - Supply drop - plenty of flak.


1500 - Germans send over a barrage of mortar and shell fire supported by M.G.s which make it impossible to get out onto the Landing Zone.


1900 - Troop withdraw to 1 Airlanding Bde HQ 683785.  The night spent there.


19th September 1944

Place: Arnhem


0630 - Troop out to recce in area REIJERS CAMP (Holland 1/25000 GINKEL Sheet 388, 6681-6582) and main road north leading to ARNHEM.


0900 - In the vicinity of PEIJESHEISE (Holland 1/25000 GINKEL sheet 388 678818) troop heavily mortared.  Capt Hay withdraws Troop to WOLFHEZE.


1015 - Capt Hay decides to move further west and to observe main road from 666832.


1200 - Position taken on road - very quiet.


1500 - Supply drop comes over.  It is noticed that the Germans have cut the way out south from the Troop location.


1530 - Capt Hay holds conference and decides to drive down the main road to ARNHEM at maximum speed and in close convoy.


1545 - Jeeps pack tight and the convoy sets off at about sixty miles an hour.  A German ambush opens fire from along either side of the road.  The convoy forces on with Vickers K's and Stens engaging the enemy.  The first Jeep with Capt Hay and Lieut PEARSON aboard run off road - so does the second Jeep.  The third Jeep drives clear through.  Lieut FOULKES in No.4 Jeep is passed by No.5 Jeep because it is obvious that the engine of No.4 Jeep has stalled.  Numbers 6 and 7 Jeeps led by Lieut BOWLES did not enter the ambush but scattered and took to the woods.


1620 - Sgt WINDER, L/Sgt CHRISTIE and five men report in to Sqn H.Q. being the only members of the Troop to come out of the ambush.  From that time onward the seven men left remained at Squadron Headquarters.