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Month and year: September 1944

Commanding Officer : Lieut. C.C. Chidgey


18th September 1944

Place: England, Blakehill Farm


2 Officers and 18 O.Rs, inc 1 Officer and 8 O.R.s, from A.D.O.S. Staff took off in 5 Gliders at 10.43 second lift, and at approximately 14.50 cast off over Holland and landed about 8 miles from Arnem.  The personnel of only 4 Gliders i.e. 2 Officers and 11 O.R.s, reached the rendezvous 1 hour after landing.  At 17.00 hours the Unit proceeded to D.M.A., 1 mile from Arnem, commenced to Dig In, Camouflage vehicles and prepare for issue.  Issues made of Armaments and Wireless equipts during the night.  Ord H.Q. formed in house near our position.


19th September 1944

Place: Holland, Arnem


Issues of Armaments, Wireless, S.A. and M.T. made.  11.00 hours attacked by formation of F.W. 190s replied with S.A. Fire.  No damage or casualties.  Re supply arrived at 15.00 hours of which very little received.  Unable to establish contact with Para Party of 1 Officer and 5 O.Rs.


20th September 1944

Place: Holland, Arnem


More issues made.  Enemy attacked our positions and we were compelled to make a fresh stand in wood surrounding Div H.Q.  Large number of snipers around this wood who were very active and we were only able to get two vehicles out.  C.O. and O.C. returned to Ord. H.Q., for the night with guard of 4 O.Rs.


21st September 1944

Place: Holland, Arnem


Area heavily mortared.  Ord. H.Q. evacuated.  Cpl. Grantham seriously wounded at C.R.A.S.C. H.Q.  Attempt made to receive our Panniers and 3 Jeeps and Trailers from enemy positions.  Succeeded in obtaining 20 of the 30 panniers but the 3 vehicles were destroyed.  Ascertained that Cpl. Grantham had died 2 hours after being wounded.  C.O. and O.C. buried Cpl. Grantham in adjoining wood.


Issue of Armaments, S.A. and wireless made.  Some supplies received from re-supply.


22nd September 1944

Place: Holland, Arnem


Wood heavily shelled and mortared.  1 Sgt. and 4 men proceeded to the Perimeter for duties with Capt. Crumner Bing R.A.S.C. as reserve Infantry.  More issues of Batteries, Armts and S.A.  Negligible quantity of stores received from re-supply.


23rd September 1944

Place: Holland, Arnem


Heavily shelled and mortared.  One of the two remaining jeeps and trailers destroyed by shell fire.  Pte. Pooley admitted to the C.R.S. with Kidney trouble.


Issues of stores still being made.


24th September 1944

Place: Holland, Arnem


Heavily shelled and Mortared.  Pte. Wright wounded in the arm by shell splinter.  1 Sgt. and 4 men returned to wood having lost contact with Capt. Bing.  Negligible quantity of stores received from re-supply.  Last Jeep destroyed by Shell Fire.


25th - 26th September 1944

Place: Holland, Arnem


More Heavy shelling and Mortar Fire.  At 20.00 hours ordered to move to beach to escape across the river.  On approaching a road south of our position, the rear half of the party were caught in cross fire from Machine Guns.  As it was impossible to pass this fire, the remaining men had to withdraw and make their way through enemy lines and arrived at the Beach at 04.00 hours.  As the 2nd Army Boats had gone, use had to be made of derelict boats on the Beach.  Only 4 Ordnance Personnel were at the Beach at this time three of whom cross the river between 04.00 and 05.00 hours.  These three personnel made their way to a reception point about 6 miles from the South Bank and were then conveyed to Nijmegen.


27th September 1944

Place: Nijmegen


Four survivors contacted by C.O. and were escorted to O.F.P. Seaborne Element.