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Month and year: September 1944

Commanding Officer: Major H.J.A. Richards


1st September 1944

Place: Bayeux 6F/679757 France 1:100000


Preparations for move were made, medical arrangements for convoy were detailed as per appendix "A" (letter sent out).  M.I. Room and Office packed up ready for move.  Arrangements were made for all cases in hospital which were fit to travel to be returned to unit.


2nd September 1944

Place: Near Gisors 9F/690890 1:100000


Moved off from above area at approx. 0730 hrs.  Arrived at billeting area near GISORS 690890 at approx. 2200 hrs.  Conference held at 2400 hrs.  It was decided that the next move was to be a tactical move.  Priority being given to ambulance cars and such medical stores as they contained.  All ambulance cars (less 2 for convoy duties) to move as the first block of the convoy, and this block to be commanded by Major H.J.A. Richards.


3rd September 1944

Place: Creve Coeur, Belgium & N.W. France 1:100000 Serial 14.  915274.


Moved from GISORS 9F/690890 at approx. 1500 hrs after a six hours wait for petrol.  Arrived at the billeting area between Creve Coeur and Conty at about 1730 hrs (1:100000. Serial 14 915274.  As tomorrows move was to be an administrative one and not a tactical move ambulance cars were redistributed to Bdes.  Major RICHARDS was called to a motor accident about midnight and experienced great difficulty in finding a medical unit to which to evacuate the patient, due to the fact that No. 81 General Hospital at AMIENS had only just arrived, and consequently was not open.  The case was finally disposed of at No.3 F.D.S. North of AMIENS at approx 0600 hrs on 4th Sept. 44.


4th September 1944

Place: Creve Coeur, N.W. Europe, Sheet 4.9227


M.I. Room opened at Div H.Q.  Administrative move mentioned above cancelled.


5th September 1944

Place: Sheet 4.9227


Routine medical and administrative duties in billeting area.


6th September 1944

Place: Franc Villers, N.W. Europe 1:250,000, Sheet 5.2665


Divisional Headquarters moved at approx 1230 hrs to FRANC VILLERS and billeted near a cemetery in the open (1:250000 Sheet 5. 2662).  This move was an administrative one.  Medical arrangements for the convoy as per Appendix 'A' arrived at billeting area at 1800 hrs.  It was decided that the move on the morrow was to be a tactical one and therefore arrangements were made for ambulance cars to move independently to the S.P. and then travel as the first block at the head of the column.


7th September 1944

Place: Halle, N.W. Europe 1:250000, Sheet 3. 5445


DIVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS moved at first light and proceeded to the BRUSSELS AREA, and staged the night in a stubble field on the main road to BRUSSELS.  The ambulance cars moved at about 0900 hrs after a 3 hour delay in waiting for petrol, but owing to this lack of petrol Bdes could not move at the appointed time, and it was decided that ambulance cars should remain with their respective Bdes for the move so that Bdes could supply them with petrol.  The column arrived at approx. 1800 hrs at the billeting area near HALLE (N.W. Europe 1:250000 Sheet 3 5445).  At the nightly conference information was given that on arrival at the operational area that the formation would be called forward by Bde Groups.  It was therefore decided that in future ambulance cars should always travel with their Bde Groups.


8th September 1944

Place: Near Louvain, Sheet 3. 8356


Moved at about 0900 hrs to a location near LOUVAIN (SHEET 3 8356) Staged the night in a field.


9th September 1944

Place: Near Louvain, Sheet 3. 8456


Divisional Headquarters moved to the Monastery (Sheet 3 8456).  M.I. Room established.  Major H.J.A. RICHARDS visited D.D.M.S. 30th Corps, in BRUSSELS.  He obtained information on forthcoming operation, and supplied to the D.D.M.S. medical arrangements in respect of this Division, giving particulars of Medical Stores being carried by the Seaborne Echelon and details of ambulance cars.  The location of No.86 General Hospital established in Brussels.


10th September 1944

Place: Near Louvain, Sheet 3. 8456


MAJOR H.J.A. RICHARDS visited A.D.M.S. Guards Armoured Division (Col. J. DAUNT - A.D.M.S.) and discussed medical arrangements for the forthcoming operation.  Established location of 30 Corps Med. Area near DIEST (N.W. Europe 1:250000 Sheet 3 K1571.  In this area were included 10 C.C.S., No.35 F.D.S., No.60 F.H.S., also located  168 Lt Fd Amb about 8 kilos N.E. DIEST (K2175).


11th September 1944

Place: Nr. Louvain


Major H.J.A. RICHARDS visited 16, 133, 181 and Polish Fd Ambs.


12th September 1944

Place: Nr. Louvain


Major H.J.A. RICHARDS visited M.I. Room R.A.S.C. to discuss medical arrangements with Capt. WILLARD, R.A.M.C.


13th September 1944

Place: Nr. Louvain Sheet 3 8456


Major H.J.A. Richards visited D.D.M.S. 30 Corps located near Diest.  Details given of location of Corps Medical Units for forthcoming operation.


14th September 1944

Place: Nr. Louvain


Orders received and preparations made for the move tomorrow morning.  Conference held in the evening.  It was decided to once more collect all ambulance cars and stores into medical group, these vehicles to move tomorrow with their Bde Groups, unit near transit area, when they will pull out and form a separate medical group.


15th September 1944

Place: Helchteren Belgium and N.E. France 1:100000 351755


Left location at 0745 hrs.  Proceeded to transit area between LILO and HELCHTEREN.  Command Group Headquarters established at HELCHTEREN 351755.  M.I. Room located with Camp Group.  Medical Group established in transit area just North of HELCHTEREN 350772.


16th September 1944

Place: Helchteren 350772


Major H.J.A. Richards visited A.D.M.S. Guards Armoured Division now located at Area K3588.  Saw D.A.D.M.S. and obtained details of Medical Units for forthcoming operation.


17th September 1944

Place: Helchteren 350772


Clock put back one hour at 0300 hrs.  Conference with Commander Seaborne Bodies (Lt.Col. CURTIS) at Headquarters Rear 30 Corps. Informed that Division had been dropped about 1400 hours.  Column at half an hours notice to move.


18th September 1944

Place: Helchteren 350772


Remained at half an hours notice ready to move.


19th September 1944

Place: Helchteren 350772


Remained at half an hours notice ready to move.  Due to move at 1600 hours - Cancelled.  Due to move at 1st light tomorrow.


20th September 1944

Place: Helchteren 350772


0545 - Major H.J.A. Richards left Command Group Headquarters to command Medical Group.  M.I. room remained with Camp Commandant and is to remain there for all future moves.


0600 - Medical Group moved off at 0600 hours - Message received from Commander Seaborne Echelon - Ref, defence, vide Appendix 'B'.


0930 - Column proceeded until about 1200 hours when it halted just South of VALKENSWAARD 3905.


1230 - Columns probably remain in present location for the night - vide message from Commander Seaborne Echelon Appendix C.


1730 - Columns to get off the road onto the verge and to remain for the night, and be ready to move off at 0600 hours - vide Appendix 'D'.


21st September 1944

Place: Valkenswaard 3905


Columns remained at side of the road all day.


1800 - Columns moved off towards EINDHOVEN.


2359 - Approaching EINDHOVEN much traffic congestion.


22nd September 1944

Place: Eindhoven


0100 - Proceeding from EINDHOVEN towards GRAVE.  During the night the road was cut between SON 4426 and VEGHEL 4837 and two groups only got through i.e. Medical Group and R.A.S.C. Amn. Group.  The M.I. Room remained with the Camp Commandant Group, and traveled with them.


0500 - Column arrived at the D.P. South West of GRAVE 611519.  It remained here for some time.


0800 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS proceeded to Headquarters Airborne Corps (S.E. of NIJMEGEN 725605) and saw the D.D.M.S.


1000 - Returned to D.P. South West of Grave.


1700 - Column proceeded to transit area S.E. of NIJMEGEN 745600.


23rd September 1944

Place: Valburg, Holland, 1:100000 Sh. 5. 663699


1000 - Conference at Headquarters Airborne Corps with D.D.M.S. and Officer Commanding 163 Field Ambulance (LT.COL HERFORD R.A.M.C.)


1300 - Medical Group moved to join 163 Fd Amb at their location i.e. JONKERBOSH 6959.


1400 - Moved off in column with 163 Fd. Amb.


1800 - Column arrived at area VALBURG 663699 and moved off the road.


2200 - Recce party moved forward consisting of O.C. and 2 i/c 163 Fd Amb. (Lt.Col. HERFORD R.A.M.C. and Major McKENZIE R.A.M.C.)  Major H.J.A. RICHARDS and Capt. LOUIS R.A.M.C. and 20 volunteers of the 163 Fd. Amb. plus the seaborne lift of the Polish Fd. Amb. party proceeded South of DRIEL 6874 and conducted the Polish Fd. Amb. vehicles into DRIEL to rejoin parent unit, recce party then returned.


24th September 1944

Place: Valburg, Holland, 1:100000 Sh. 5. 663699


0800 - LT.COL. HERFORD and CAPT. LOUIS R.A.M.C. to 130 Bde for conference.


1000 - Above Officers returned with information that two attempts were to be made to get medical stores across to the Division together with a party of volunteers from 163 Fd. Amb. who were to try and join up with the Division.  Attempts to be made as follows: (1) During the afternoon crossing of river N.E. of DRIEL towards OOSTERBEEK 6977 to be made with Lt.Col. Herford and CAPT. LOUIS R.A.M.C. with 10 cwt. of stores in an assault craft under the protection of the Red Cross Flag.  (2) Major H.J.A. RICHARDS to establish a Medical Report Centre at the east side of DRIEL during the afternoon.  (3) Three tons of Medical Stores to be ferried across the river at night as a part of a general re-supply scheme which was being organized by 130 Bde and C.R.E. 1 AIRBORNE DIVISION.  (4) Two Officers and twenty five Other Ranks from 163 Fd. Amb. to be ferried across in an assault craft at the same time.


1030 - Medical Stores from all three Airborne Fd. Ambs. packed in (a) two blocks of ton each for daylight crossing. (b) Six blocks of ton each for night crossing these stores of Blood Plasma, Sulpha Drugs, Dressings and Blankets.


1400 - Lt.Col. HERFORD and CAPT. LOUIS R.A.M.C. with 10 cwt stores departed on mission.


Place: Driel, Holland, 1:100000 Sh. 5. 688753


1415 - Rest of party detailed above then proceeded to DRIEL, Major H.J.A. RICHARDS going on ahead to contact 130 Bde and establish report centre in DRIEL.


1500 - Medical Report Centre with Major RICHARDS R.A.M.C. established just East of DRIEL in a house vacated by the Polish Bde. (688753)


1700 - D.A.D.M.S. Airborne Corps called at the Medical Report Centre with the object of trying to contact Lt.Col HERFORD near the river.


1900 - Arrangements made for crossing as follows:- Medical Stores accompanied by Lt (QM) TIERNAN R.A.M.C. 181 Air Ldg Fd. Amb. and Lt. TANSELL RASC 133 Para Fd. Amb. to accompany stores in dukws across the river.  Fd. Amb. Party to cross in assault craft.  These two parties then proceeded to the forming-up point under orders of 130 Bde.


2130 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS visited the party formed up and ready to move off.  Returned to Medical Report Centre for the night.


25th September 1944

Place: Driel, Holland 1:100000 Sh. 5. 688753


0700 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS proceeded to 130 Bde for conference, where he learnt that the remnants of 1st Airborne Division were to be evacuated across the river at night and that arrangements were being made for their reception.  163 Fd. Amb. to act as MDS at VALBURG one Coy of 130 Fd. Amb. to act as C.C.P. at DRIEL.


1200 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS visited 163 Fd. Amb.  Conference with Major McKENZIE R.A.M.C. now acting O.C. as Lt. Col HERFORD has not yet returned.


1230 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS and Major McKENZIE R.A.M.C. proceeded to NIJMEGEN to attend a conference of D.D.M.S. AIRBORNE TROOPS and D.D.M.S. 30 Corps reference medical arrangements for evacuation tonight.


1600 - Returned to Medical Report Centre at DRIEL.  During the afternoon there was heavy mortar fire in DRIEL - Polish Hospital knocked out.  Noted that reception camp for evacuatees South of DRIEL 680743 and C.C.P established by 130 Fd Amb on West side of DRIEL 680755, and this unit also established an R.A.P. near the river N.E. of DRIEL 696765


2030 - Lt (QM) Tiernan R.A.M.C. arrived at Report Centre having swum the river.  He reported that the previous evening he had crossed the river with 1 tons of Medical Stores in a assault craft and Lt. Tansell R.A.S.C. had crossed with the dukws.  All craft were sunk on landing and could not be unloaded.  He remained all day pinned down by fire in the 5th Dorset's Area.  They had all returned back across the river after dark.


2100 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS, R.A.M.C. visited C.C.P. and there met D.D.M.S. Airborne Corps (Brigadier A.E. EAGGER) and MAJOR BLAIR R.A.M.C. and with them returned to Medical Report Centre.


2230 - First elements of 1 AIRBORNE DIVISION commenced to pass up from the river to transit area, road badly signed so guides sent up the road and sentry posted to direct later parties.


2330 - With D.D.M.S. visited R.A.P near river where there was congestion and retention of casualties due to lack of vehicles.  R.A.P. was under heavy mortar fire.


26th September 1944

Place: Driel


0100 - Party returned to Medical Report Centre.  D.D.M.S. proceeded to visit reception camp south of DRIEL.  Major H.J.A. RICHARDS visited C.C.P. where again casualties were being retained owing to lack of transport.  About this time D.A.D.M.S. 43 Division also visited the C.C.P. and promised to send some ambulance cars.  Next visited the Reception Camp and there met D.D.M.S. Party returned to Medical Report Centre.


0430 - Brigadier EAGGER proceeded to R.A.P.  Major H.J.A. Richards R.A.M.C. to C.C.P. and Reception Camp and procured five jeep ambulances.


0500 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS, R.A.M.C. visited C.C.P. and Reception Camp.  Casualties now being cleared fairly well.  Reception Camp run out of food and blankets.  Returned to Medical Report Centre.  Mortar fire on road East of DRIEL had increased; also in vicinity of C.C.P.


0700 - Brigadier EAGGER Major BLAIR R.A.M.C. departed.


0830 - C.C.P. almost clear of casualties.  Reception Camp closed down.  About 200 to 300 men who had swum the river at first light now beginning to arrive, making their own way back if possible and if not being evacuated through the C.C.P.


0930 - Road South of DRIEL still being heavily mortared.  Medical Report Centre closed - returned.  Proceeded to 163 Fd Amb.  Mortar fire on road south of DRIEL still heavy also some shell fire.  Road being used by Polish Bde moving out.


1030 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS R.A.M.C. arrived at 163 Fd Amb M.D.S. VALBURG 663699 Medical Groups 1 AIRBORNE DIVISION packed up ready to move.


27th September 1944

Place: S.E. Nijmegen, Holland, 1:100000 725605


0800 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS R.A.M.C. departs to H.Q. Airborne Corps.


0900 - Met D.D.M.S. and received instructions to dispose of all Medical and Ordnance Stores to No.3. C.C.S.


1000 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS, R.A.M.C. attended G.O.C's conference at Police Barracks.


1500 - 163 Fd. Amb and Medical Group left VALBURG for NIJMEGEN.


1830 - Medical Groups arrived at last night after handing most of our stores to 3 C.C.S.


2100 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS, R.A.M.C. saw D.D.M.S. AIRBORNE CORPS.


28th September 1944

Place: Louvain, Sheet 3 8456


0600 - 1 AIRBORNE DIVISION column moved from NIJMEGEN to LOUVAIN starting at first light.  Major H.J.A. RICHARDS, R.A.M.C. and Lt (QM) TIERNAN, R.A.M.C. remained to complete the handing over of stores etc.


1100 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS, R.A.M.C. and Lt (QM) TIERNAN, R.A.M.C. departed for LOUVAIN.


1600 - Arrived at LOUVAIN.


29th September 1944

Place: Louvain


1430 - Major H.J.A. RICHARDS, R.A.M.C., Cpl REYNOLDS, R.A.M.C., and Cpl WHITE R.A.M.C. departed by air for the U.K.  Pte COATES, R.A.M.C. and Pte NORGATE, R.A.M.C. remained with the M.I. Room.  Duties of Medical Officer i/c taken over by Capt. WILLARD, R.A.M.C.


1930 - Airborne Party arrive at BARKSTON HEATH.


30th September 1944

Place: Fulbeck


1000 - G.O.Cs. conference - Discussed the future policy regarding the Division



Month and year: October 1944

Commanding Officer: Major H.J.A. Richards


1st October 1944

Place: Fulbeck


Position of Medical Services at present is as follows.  The greater part of Medical Services of the Division remained at ARNHEM with casualties comprising the greater part of the 16 (Para) Fd Amb, 133 (Para) Fd Amb and 181 (Air Landing) Fd Amb, all but two of the Regimental Medical Officers, A.D.M.S., and D.A.D.M.S.  The Medical Services now at present with the Division consist of the Home Details and First Reinforcements of the three Field Ambulances and Medical Element of the Seaborne Echelon.  The Medical Policy for the immediate future will be to give day-to-day medical attention only (i.e. Daily Sick Parades) and to collect information of requirements for reconstitution of the complete Medical Services of the Division.


9th October 1944

Place: Fulbeck


Return of Seaborne Echelon to Divisional Headquarters.


10th October 1944

Place: Fulbeck


Letter to Brigadier A.A. EAGGER, C.B.E. giving particulars of Airborne Parties, Field Ambulances, and Bn R.A.M.C. personnel, list of those who returned from Airborne Element and list of R.A.M.C. Personnel now with Divisional Units.  Appendix 'A'.



Appendix 'A'



1 Airborne Division,

A.P.O. England.

10 Oct 44


Dear Brigadier Eagger,

        Herewith the information required by you as detailed in telephone conversation today and in your letter of 6 Oct (which has just arrived this evening).

        1.  Strengths of Medical Personnel taking part in the operation are attached as Appendix 'A'.

        2.  Our copies of A.D.M.S. operation order have been destroyed.  I have located a copy at a Field Ambulance.  It will arrive too late to be included with this letter, so I will send it on tomorrow or bring it down on Friday.

        3.  Reports from Capt. SWINSCOW and from other officers who may have valuable information, are being obtained (i.e. A/Q officers who were at MDS etc).

        4.  Accurate information is difficult to obtain, but as far as I can ascertain those detailed to accompany the force across the river on the evacuation were:- Major J.E. MILLER M.C. - R.A.M.C., Capt. J. GRAHAM-JONES - R.A.M.C., 14 Other Ranks (From Sec 181 Fd. Amb. who were with Border Regt).

        5.  Nominal roll of all R.A.M.C. who succeeded in getting across the river is attached as Appendix 'B'.

        6.  Very little is known about individual officers or other ranks.  The following are believed killed:- Capt. J.T. DOYLE - R.A.M.C., Pte. FINDLAY W. - R.A.M.C.  It is believed that Major MILLER and Capt. GRAHAM-JONES started down to the river but on the way down others of their party became casualties, these two officers then took the casualties back (to MDS ?) and did not cross the river.  Lt. RANDALL and Cpl. HOLMES worked in or near Div. H.Q.  Both are being recommended for decorations by A/Q.  A party consisting of Lieut. D. OLLIFF and 30 Other Ranks of 133 Fd. Amb has been reported as safe in Dutch hands.  It is of interest that this party was from two planes only.  Others from these two planes were:-

                Major COURTNEY - R.A.M.C.,       )

                Major SMITH - R.A.M.C.                 )

                Capt. FLOCKHART - A.D. Corps    )  Comprising one surgical team.

                5 Other Ranks - R.A.M.C.                  )

        7.  Reports are being called for from all R.A.M.C. O.Rs. who returned.  They will be forwarded when received. i.e. about two or three weeks time, after these ORs return from leave.  These ORs have been interrogated by myself and can give information of a very local nature only, as a rule.

        8.  Total strength of RAMC personnel now with the Division is attached as Appendix 'C' and this includes R.A.S.C. of Fd. Ambs.

        9.  TIERNAN's full name is:- 244779 Lt. (QM) TIERNAN W.T., R.A.M.C.

        I will be down on Friday 13th and hope by then to have more information re the reconstruction of the Division.


Yours [Signed H.J.A. Richards]

















16 Para



Lt. Col. Townsend

Major. Gordon

Capt. Kaye

Capt. Wells

Capt. Kessey

Capt. Tobin

Major. Longland

Capt. Lipmann-Kessel

Capt. Ridler (A.D. Corps)

Lt. Allenby




6 (plus

1 Cpl




1 Cpl

5 ORs

1 S/I

















133 Para



Lt. Col. Alford

Major Courtney

Major Smith

Capt. Redman

Capt. Huddlestone

Capt. Lawson

Capt. Flockhart (A.D. Corps)

Lt. Olliff

Lt. Barling

Capt. Noble






1 W.O.

1 Sgt.

1 Cpl.

2 L/Cpls

8 Dvrs

(inc 2

att. from

250 Coy

1 Cpl. ACC

2 Ptes ACC


















181 Air

Ldg Fd.


Lt. Col. Marrable

Major Fraser

Major Rigby-Jones

Capt. James

Capt. Griffin (A.D. Corps)

Capt. Simmons

Capt. Taylor

Capt. Scott

Capt. Jeffrey

Lt. Doyle






1 Cpl




1 L/Cpl

8 Dvrs

1 Cpl






1 PARACHUTE BN.  OFFICERS - Capt. PERCIVAL - 17 Other Ranks.

2 PARACHUTE BN.  OFFICERS - Capt. LOGAN - 15 Other Ranks.


10 PARACHUTE BN.  OFFICERS - Capt. DRAYSON - 20 Other Ranks.

11 PARACHUTE BN.  OFFICERS - Capt. MAWSON - 16 Other Ranks.

156 PARACHUTE BN.  OFFICERS - Capt. BUCK - 35 Other Ranks.

1 BN. BORDERS  OFFICERS - Capt. GRAHAM-JONES - 13 Other Ranks.


7 BN. K.O.S.B.  OFFICERS - Capt. DEVLIN - 10 Other Ranks.

1 A/L RECCE SQN  OFFICERS - Capt. SWINSCOW - 3 Other Ranks.

4 PARA SQN  OFFICERS - No Officer - 1 Other Rank.

1 A/L A/Tk BTY R.A.  OFFICERS - Lt. RANDALL - Nil Other Ranks.

21 IND. PARA COY.  OFFICERS - NIL - 5 Other Ranks.

1 PARA BDE H.Q.  OFFICERS - Capt. WRIGHT - Nil Other Ranks.

4 PARA BDE H.Q..  OFFICERS - Capt. BONHAM-CARTER - 1 Other Rank.







        181 A/L Field Ambulance.

                OFFICERS - Nil

                OTHER RANKS - 7376512 S/Sgt. Neil T.W. R.A.M.C.,  7373609 L/Cpl. Curnock I. R.A.M.C.,  7364541 L/Cpl. Mabbott E.W. R.A.M.C,  14541403 Pte. Berry J. R.A.M.C.,  7407260 Pte. Carter A. R.A.M.C.,  7364392 Pte. Norton J. R.A.M.C.,  7265258 Pte. Cousins F. R.A.M.C.,  14502617 Pte. Weall A.E. R.A.M.C.,  7516615 Pte. Hughes A.L. R.A.M.C.,  T/5251032 Dvr. Mendhl A. R.A.S.C.

        133 Para Fd. Amb.

                OFFICERS - Nil

                OTHER RANKS - 7261628 L/Sgt. Glendenning J. R.A.M.C.,  T/177032 CSM. Evans P. R.A.S.C,  T/184671 L/Cpl. Murray W. R.A.S.C.

        16 Para Field Ambulance.

                OFFICERS - Nil

                OTHER RANKS - Nil


                OFFICERS - Nil

                OTHER RANKS - Nil

        1 Para Bn.

                OFFICERS - Nil

                OTHER RANKS - 7264856 Hayden W.

        2 Para Bn.

                OFFICERS - Nil

                OTHER RANKS - 7374521 Cpl. Roberts S.

        11 Para Bn.

                OFFICERS - Nil

                OTHER RANKS - 7369364 Pte. Slater W.,  14281390 Pte. Burns D.,  7367937 Pte. Pauling E.

        1 Bn. Border Regt.

                OFFICERS - Nil

                OTHER RANKS - 7365478 L/Cpl. Dunn J.,  7367872 L/Cpl Ellis G.,  7366395 L/Cpl Mead E.,  7392986 Pte. Camplin F.,  7368099 Pte. Welch J.,  7371720 Pte. Elliot W.

        1 A/L Recce Sqn.

                OFFICERS - Capt. TDV SWINSCOW

                OTHER RANKS - NIL

        1 A/L Lt. Regt. R.A.

                OFFICERS - Nil

                OTHER RANKS - 7363389 Pte. Whiteman D.

        21 Ind. Para Coy.

                OFFICERS - Nil

                OTHER RANKS - 7369282 Pte. Toms F.,  7364272 Sgt. Taylor A.,  7398211 Pte. Brand L.,  7363492 Pte. Boote W.,  7396222 Pte. Cambarella J.




















Div. Tps

Major HJA Richards, Capt. TDV Swinscow, Capt. CHK Willard













133 Para Fd. Amb.

Lt. Stephen @, Lt. (QM) Ross, Lt. Harper @






Lt. Tansell






2 Ptes A.C.C.

16 Para Fd. Amb.

Lt. Brown %, Lt. Lawson %, Lt (QM) Webster






Lt. Rowe






4 Ptes A.C.C.

181 Air Ldg. Fd. Amb.

Lt (QM) Tiernan, Lt. Large






Capt. Sears






1 Cpl ACC, 3 Pte ACC, 1 OR RE

NOTE  @ Lieutenants Stephen and Harper are not on posted strength of unit.  Lt. Harper is attached for training.  Lt. Stephen authority obtained for his doing duty as O.C. Home Details but not yet posted to unit.

             %  Lieutenants Brown and Lawson held on unit strength surplus to establishment.






To:- D.D.M.S. Airborne Forces

From:- Capt. Lipmann Kessel R.A.M.C.


        D.  Drop perfect - Fd. Amb. 100% personnel present and uninjured.  Immediate move and set up in St. Elisabeth's hospital, Arnhem by about 2200 hrs.  Casualties waiting to be dealt with on arrival.

        D+1.  Heavy fighting round hospital.  Occupied by S.S. troops.  O.C., 2 i/c, Capt Wells, Tobin and all plane loads i, ii and iii less Major Longland, Capt. Kessel, Capt. Ridler, Lieut. Allenby and two surgical teams taken prisoner and removed under protest from the hospital.  Protest against taking surgical teams was successful and we remained.

        D+2.  Our troops retook area of St. Elisabeth Hospital and we were joined by Capt. Kessey and about 10 other ranks.  Later area was retaken by S.S. but we were allowed to remain.

        D+3 to D+10.  Heavy work under the Germans care.  They left us very much to ourselves and we evacuated through their services to APPELDOORN.

        D+10.  Major Longland, Capt. Ridler, Capt. Logan, Major Smith (the latter joined us with a few other ranks the previous day) Capt. Graham Jones and all other ranks less 20, left for Appeldoorn where we had been informed that a serious situation existed in regard to about 1000 unattended from this Division.

        D+10 to D+14.  Capt Kessel, Devlin, Lieut Allenby and Father McGowan remained at St. Elisabeths Hospital to look after about 30 of the more serious cases who are not fit for general transport.  Occasional cases are brought in to hospital.  Some British who have been lying in various houses and barns for several days.  Probably more are still around this area.



        Dutch magnificent in every way.  Food equipment and general co-operation.  Hospital accommodation easily sufficient for a C.C.S.  Medical standard excellent.  Supplies have never been insufficient, at present being fed and supplied almost completely by the Hospital; occasional odds and ends from the Germans (who are "polite and correct" with a correct "end in sight" attitude towards us) and some second line panniers brought in to us by locals.  Thomas splints in very short supply.  Penicillin ran out on D+4 as we received no second line supplies.  There are no X-Ray facilities here at present and I may be forced to evacuate the orthopaedic cases if the Second Army get here in time.


Lipman Kessel Capt. R.A.M.C.


2 Oct 44.



A.D.M.S. (seen by me with German Red Cross escort 24/9/44)

O.C. 16 Para Fd. Amb.

Major Gordon

Major Smith (133 P. Fd. Amb)

Major Longland

Capt. Kessey

Capt. Logan

Capt. Tobin

Capt. Devlin

Capt. Graham Jones

Capt. Lipman Kessel

Capt. Wells

Capt. Rutherford

Lieut. Allenby

O.C. 133 Para Fd. Amb.

Capt. Redman

Capt. Lawson



Capt. Drayson



Capt. Brownscombe (circumstances to be explained later)




BY Rev. D. McGOWAN. C.F., R.C.

4 Para. Bde.



        18/9.  At R.V. in house on E. side of D.Z.  D.S. set up.  PRESENT.  Col. Alford, Capt. Huddlestone, Lt. Barling, Capt. Flockhart, S/Sgt. Hill and 5 other orderlies, also Rev. D. McGowan and Tpr O'Brian.  Dressings and treatments of a first aid nature were administered to about 50 English and German wounded.  Rev. Irwin 11 Bn, appeared at 1600 hours.  Batman and myself brought in injured and wounded from the D.Z. in a motor van, about 20, among them Sgt Elliot of 11 Bn. who has probably died since.  At nightfall moved off across D.Z. to Wolfhezen with wounded.  Capt. Noble joined column en route with two other orderlies.  There were two air attacks near Wolfhezen.  On reaching Wolfhezen, the Field Ambulance settled in the hospital near the level crossing and functioned there till 1000 hours on 19/9.

        19/9.  On moving off at 1000 hours Major P. Smith and Major B. Courtney appeared.  Up till then Lt. Olliff, Capt. Lawson, & Capt. Redman had not been seen.  Shortly after leaving Wolfhezen there was an air attack by German fighters.  No casualties were sustained by the Fd. Amb.  1500 hours reached + roads at Oosterbeek where an M.D.S. was set up about 50 yards nearer ARNHEM than the 181 Fd. Amb already functioning.  An operating theatre was arranged in the dentists house opposite to the 133 M.D.S.  Cases were treated in the M.D.S. and about 12 were operated on in the dentists house until 0400 hours 20/9.  On the way from Wolfhezen, the Fd. Amb. (133) had been held up by the enemy.  Col. Alford, Major Smith, Capt. Huddlestone, Capt. Flockhart with some orderlies and most of the patients had arrived.  Major Courtney, Capt. Noble, Lt. Barling did not arrive I had already arrived by 1400 hours by driving a lorry with patients to the 181 Fd. Amb.

        20/9.  The enemy, German S.S. Troops pushed up the Arnhem OOSTERBEEK road at 0930 hours as far as the 181 M.D.S. and took both Fd. Ambs and their patients prisoners.  The wounded were transported on stretchers about 1 km. to a point overlooking the railway.  There about 100 fit men and medical orderlies were marched off to the P.O.W. cage.  34 wounded were deposited in a school.  I obtained permission to stay with the wounded and was also granted four orderlies to help to tend them.  The orderlies were

                S/Sgt. CLEGG 7347294 - 16 Para Fd. Amb.  2. St. MARY'S PLACE - ROCHDALE LANCS.

                Pte. KING 7373928 - 133 Para Fd. Amb.  5. Windsor Park, Levenhall, Musselburgh, Scotland.

                Pte. McCarthy 7364792 - 133 Para Fd. Amb.  20, Mansell Road, Boaler Street, Liverpool 6.

                L/Cpl. Roberts 7356820 - 133 Para Fd. Amb.  36 Alt Street, Liverpool 8.

                        There was very little water, no food or light and the wounded were in much pain from wounds and thirst.  The orderlies worked really well both at this school and at the Municipal Hospital to which 8 wounded were evacuated before nightfall.  After an active night the orderlies and patients were moved to the Municipal Hospital in two lifts the next morning.

        21/9.  Officers of 133 Para Fd. Amb. had apparently been Rept by Germans at the M.D.S. to attend to the remaining wounded.  At the Municipal Hospital there were Capt. Branscombe R.A.M.C., Capt. Devlin R.A.M.C. Revd. Buchanan and myself.  Later Capt. J. Logan R.A.M.C. arrived.  The serious cases were operated on by the German surgeons, and the ward cases were attended by the three a/m doctors.  The Germans treated us well and gave a supply of cigarettes and other comforts for our men.  The Dutch did everything possible and living and eating was in some ways better than in England.

        22/9.  Groups of wounded were daily evacuated to four hospitals in the APPELDOORN direction.  Capt. Devlin R.A.M.C. att KOSB has the names of these patients.  About 19 wounded died and are buried at the rear of the Municipal Hospital.

        23/9.  The German Medical Inspector took me to APPELDOORN to Queen Wilhelmina's Palace where were about 100 of our lightly wounded men.  They had been washed and well cared for.  At the time they were being confined to bed while their uniforms were being washed.  A list of those at the palace is being included.  Later I went to the Franciscan Hospital about 2 km. from the palace.  Our wounded were distributed about four hospital blocks and also in the cinema and church.  Those in the hospital proper were well cared for but those in the church and cinema were in an uncared for condition owing to the lack of orderlies and M.Os.  This has since been remedied.  I saw Capt. Redman of the 133 Para Fd. Amb. who had been attending 800 wounded as best he could with the help of one orderly from the 133 Para Fd. Amb.  Major P. Smith, Capt. Logan and other MOs. have gone there and there should be sufficient Medical staff to cope with the work.

        24/9.  Capt. Branscombe was shot in the back of the head while at the front door of the hospital.  He was in the company of a Danish S.S. War Correspondent at the time of the shooting.

        25/9.  Capt. Branscombe was buried by Rev. Buchanan.  There was much shelling during the night.  We were told it was to cover the withdrawal of the remains of the Division over the Rhine.  All today patients were evacuated to St. Elisabeths Hospital ARNHEM.

        26/9.  Last of the patients arrived at St. Elisabeths Hospital.  Here are many serious cases.  The less serious are all moved to APPELDOORN.  30 patients 3 M.Os. 16 orderlies and myself are to be left here.  The M.Os. are Capt Cassels, Capt. Devlin and Lt. .......  Among the patients left are Brigadier Hackett, Col. Smythe and Father Benson.  Met Capt. Lawson (133 Para Fd. Amb) before he went to APPELDOORN.

        28/9.  Father Benson died at 2200 hours 27/9 and Best at 0600 hours this morning.  Both were buried at 1000 hours.  There is bombing and firing to a greater degree than usual.

        29/9.  Went to Oosterbeek and explored Bde area (4th) for dead and also Div. H.Q. Area.  Collected washing and shaving materials for the men.  There are still a number of unburied dead in the remains of the M.D.S.  At the Tafelberg : 32 English dead, at the Schoonord : 18 at the 133 Para Fd. Amb., Sgt. Batholomew 11 Bn. H.Q.  The Germans have promised to bury them by 30/9.

        30/9.  Explored Craftcombe area and located English mass graves.  Buried 7 English.  Found Capt. Drayson R.A.M.C. M.O. of 10 Bn. and buried him.  Collected brushes, soap, razors, berets and tea for the men.  Dutch buried English dead around hospital and about 40 in immediate vicinity.  Of the officers of 133 Para Fd. Amb.  Nothing is known of the following : Major Courtney, Capt. Noble, Lt. Barling.  Col. Alford has been mentioned by the Germans but not his location.


(SGD) D. McGowan C.F. R.C.

4th. Para Bde.

Oct. 2nd. 1944

St. Elisabeths Hospital




Subject:- Report on Medical Conditions at Arnhem.

For - A.D.M.S. 1 Airborne Div:-


        (a) Two sticks of 133 Para Fd Amb were dropped some miles north of the correct D.Z. one mile south of the village of Otterloo.  There were also dropped here part of D. Coy 10 Batt, a stick of Engineers and a stick of Signals Personnel.  Two D.Z. casualties were treated and left at Mossell Farm with friendly Dutch.  (1) Pte Jones D. Coy 10 Batt :- Potts Fracture.  (2) Particulars unknown.  The two sticks proceeded South in the direction of the correct D.Z.  For some time no other friendly or otherwise were seen.  Near Plaike Wambus (?) however the party were fired on by an enemy patrol armed with Spandau and rifles and had to withdraw hastily through the woods westward.  There was some temporary disorganisation and when I had gathered the party together in cover several officers and men were missing.  These were:- Major Courtney, RAMC, Major Smith, RAMC, Cpl. Witts, RASC, Pte. Sweeney RAMC.  From this time onwards the party was isolated and we cannot therefore answer questions (b) (c) (d) (e) and (f).  Our full story has been told to the A.D.M.S., personally but cannot be given here under orders received from M.I.9.

        The above typescript copy of report by Lieut. Olliff, RAMC., is forwarded as requested.


[Signed Brown for Lieut Olliff R.A.M.C.]

Lieut. R.A.M.C.,

O.C. 16 Parachute Field Ambulance.

A.P.O. England

27 Oct 44.




Consolidated Information from various sources.


The following have contributed this information in various details:-

Lieut C.E. Macduff Duncan   J.L.O

7395054 Cpl E. Hardie M.M.

7263805 Cpl D. Meakin

7369132 Pte G. Myers

7379316 Pte A. Payne

7265240 Pte J. Reid








16 Para Fd Amb






No 1 Sect att 1 Para Bn

No 1 Surgical Team


        1.  CONDITIONS ON D.Z's and L.Z's.  Lieut Macduff Duncan landed on L.Z. 'S' with 1 Air Ldg Bde H.Q.  Saw a few glider casualties, chiefly amongst Glider Pilots.  These were attended by H.Q. 181 Air Ldg Fd Amb who landed on the same L.Z.  Casualties taken to a row of houses nearby which had been taken over as a hospital with the help of a Dutch Naval Liaison Officer.  The Other Ranks of 16 Para Fd Amb saw no casualties on the D.Z.


                (a) 181 Air Ldg Fd Amb established in 3 houses at 665807.

                (b) 16 Para Fd Amb M.D.S. established in St Elizabeth Hospital, Arnhem on night of 17 Sep 44.

        3.  MOVES OF MEDICAL UNITS.  181 Air Ldg Fd Amb moved to the main M.D.S. near Div H.Q. on 18 Sep (provisional map ref is 693785 but more detailed information of this M.D.S. is being obtained).


                (a) No information about 181 Air Ldg Fd Amb.

                (b) 16 Para Fd Amb worked in St Elizabeth's Hospital.  Helped greatly by Dutch Medical Staff.  Estimated about 800 casualties through in first 10 days.  Conditions in hospital were good.  The two surgical teams worked continually from about midnight of 17 Sep 44.  Parachute equipment taken was satisfactory and quite sufficient for the first three or four days of operating.  One Other Rank (Cpl Meakin) states that No 1 Surgical Team (Capt Lipmann Kessel) performed 96 operations up to 13 Oct 44 when he evacuated all patients.  Meanwhile No 2 Surgical Team (Major Longland) stayed at the hospital about 8 days and then was evacuated to Appeldoorn to look after wounded there.

        5.  SUPPLIES AND RE-SUPPLY.  Information is variable.  The best informant (Cpl Meakin) states that plasma soon ran out and more was brought from the D.Z. (presumably through German lines) and that later on drugs and dressings were obtained from D.Z. under Red Cross Flag.  When supplies ran out the Dutch provided some medical supplies.  The German medical services supplied no sulphonamides.  Later sulphonamides were obtained from D.Z. (after the fighting was over).  Plasma brought in 3 weeks after the drop was found to be in good condition.  They had ample plasma at time of evacuation on 13 Oct 44.  1 Other Rank (Pte Payne) states that the Dutch underground movement gave them supplies which they had picked up from our re-supply drops and which were not discovered by the Germans.  General impression is that there was no grave shortage of anything except Penicillin.

        6.  REACTION OF ENEMY.  General impression was that it was good.  Cpl Meakin states that the Germans seemed surprised at our surgery especially the transfusion service and that they seemed to think it was a waste of time, saying they used the old methods of stimulation (he means resuscitation presumably).  He also states that the Germans were reasonable about bringing us special drugs.



NOTE: Full details of the M.D.S. near Div H.Q. with map ref and sketch map, conditions inside etc are being prepared and will be forwarded.


[Signed Richards]

Major R.A.M.C.

A.P.O. England

28 Oct 44.



Subject:- Medical Reports.

A.D.M.S., 1 Airborne Division.

Ref your M/530 dated 25 Oct. 44, herewith report as requested:-

        (a) There were a few parachute casualties on the D.Z. and probably rather more glider casualties on the L.Z. in the first lift.  Together, about 6 men from this unit were unfit to proceed with the operation.  I saw 2 casualties on the D.Z., one a broken ankle, the other with apparently some internal abdominal injury.  One of our Troops (A Troop) was going to recce the area of Wolfheze hospital and I got them to take these casualties and hand them over to 181 Field Ambulance.  I believe this Field Amb cleared the L.Z. and D.Z. with the help of Dutch nurses and doctors, but I do not know when they did this.

        (b) My dressing station was first located in a house on the main road in Oosterbeek about mile west of where Div H.Q. was later established.  On the Monday morning I treated a number of casualties of 1st Para Bde that had occurred the night before and sent them back to Div H.Q., R.A.P. - not to 181 Field Amb because we were hoping to move right into the town and I could not risk being without transport for long.

        (c) Next day my R.A.P. was in slit trenches in a wood on the opposite side of the road to Div H.Q.  I remained there about 48 hrs.  At about this time my trailer, containing most of the medical equipment was stolen from the unit lines while I was at Div H.Q. getting information.  It was thought to have been removed by a Corporal of 133 Field Ambulance.  On the Thursday (Sept 21st), as I was getting no work to do, casualties from this unit being evacuated elsewhere - I went over to Div H.Q. and asked Lieut Randell, R.A.M.C. if he needed any help.  He asked me to go to a house in the Border Regt lines which he had filled with 30 casualties and deal with them.  As the road was under constant fire from snipers I waited until it was quite dark (about 1 hour) and then went to this house.  I left instructions that casualties from my unit were to be sent to Div H.Q. and Lt Randell was going to keep in communication with me by Jeep and sent on any more casualties that he wished.  I remained at this house for 48 hrs and dressed the casualties there as far as the very limited equipment allowed.  I could only evacuate 2 to 181 Field Amb. as they were so full up, and the rest did not require urgent surgery.  On Saturday Sept 23rd while going to the Border Regt R.A.P. which was the next house, I got blown up and remained as a patient there with blurred vision and a "doped" feeling for about 36 hrs.  On Monday afternoon I returned to my R.A.P. in the other house and the order to withdraw came through as I was preparing to leave the Border Regt R.A.P.

        (d) I have no idea of the general medical picture.  In the course of the operation I probably treated about 100 casualties.  Collection and evacuation of casualties by Jeep seemed to be satisfactory as far as the constant shell and mortar fire in the later stages of the operation allowed.  Dressing Stations were very crowded, as no cases except those requiring urgent surgical treatment could be taken at the M.D.S.  Supplies of medical stores were very short, particularly at the M.D.S. (Major Rigby-Jones told me this on the Saturday morning).  He mentioned cotton wool and dressings, as being in shortest supply; also plasma.  Reaction of the enemy: on the first afternoon he was frightened and brought down mortar fire and sniping onto the medical orderlies and myself on a hillside near Wolfheze Station while collecting wounded, although we had withdrawn combatant troops.  Later, he respected the Red Cross well and allowed casualties to pass through his lines to the M.D.S., which was in his hands.  I believe the enemy deliberately shot up all the medical transport at the M.D.S. with an S.P. Gun but did not shell the buildings or area.

        (e) I obtained none, and I do not know how much was obtained.

        (f) None; except for Major Rigby-Jones on the Saturday, that the M.D.S. was short of supplies, but that the situation was reasonably well in hand.



Capt., R.A.M.C.

R.M.O. 1st Airborne Recce Squadron.

A.P.O. England.

26th October 44.