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Commander Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

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Deputy Directory Mechanical Engineers

Deputy Director Ordnance Services


Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Landing Craft Tank

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Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers





Month and year: September 1944

Commanding Officer : Colonel R.T.L. Shorrock


14th September 1944

R.E.M.E. Headquarters travelled with Main Headquarters to BARKSTON  HEATH for Operation 'MARKET'.


15th September 1944

Travelled by road from BARKSTON HEATH to PORTSMOUTH to embark for continent.


16th September 1944

1000 - Embarked in L.C.T. 501.


1800 - Sailed for France.


17th September 1944

1000 - Arrived ARROMANCHE.


1430 - Dis-embarked and commenced journey by road to make contact with Main Headquarters at NIJMEGEN.  E.M.E. Tels with two Tele-mechs and two Vehicle Mechanics landed with 'Z' trailer in glider with Advance Corps near GROESBEEK, unloaded and reached rendezvous without incident.


18th September 1944

Continued road journey and made contact with 30 Corps Headquarters near HETCHEL about 1800 hrs.  Route taken:- ARROMANCHE, CAEN, ROUEN, AMIENS, ARRAS, VALENCIENNES, MONS, BRUSSELS.


E.M.E. Tels visited 82nd U.S.A. Airborne Division and found radio repair situation satisfactory, with repair section landed by glider intact.


19th September 1944

1630 - Attempt made to join Airborne Corps Headquarters at NIJMEGEN.  Progress halted two miles beyond EINDHOVEN 2000 hrs.  EINDHOVEN bombed by enemy and party withdrew several miles along road.


First wireless repair work, two Wireless sets No.22 disabled, repaired satisfactorily.


20th September 1944

Further attempt to pass through EINDHOVEN a failure due to enemy tanks still operating.  Camp pitched on outskirts of EINDHOVEN.  E.M.E. Tels and party occupied chiefly by general repair work on lighting system in Headquarters, more work for Vehicle Mechanics than Telecommunication Mechanics.


21st September 1944

Journey continued and contact made with Airborne Corps Headquarters near NIJMEGEN approx 1600 hrs.


22nd September 1944

D.D.M.E. visited 82nd U.S.A. Airborne Division and also C.R.E.M.E. 43rd Division and arranged for 214 Brigade Workshop to undertake repairs of equipment for 82nd Airborne Division.


23rd September 1944

D.D.M.E. visited 82nd U.S.A. Airborne Division.  The Division had a number of 75mm guns out of action due to recuperator troubles.  Recuperators beyond repair so D.D.O.S. arranged for supply by air on the airstrip at GRAVE.


24th September 1944

D.D.M.E. arranged with 8th Armoured Brigade Workshop stationed in Moll Garage, to undertake repairs of equipment and vehicles for Corps Headquarters and 82nd U.S.A. Airborne Division.


25th September 1944

R.E.M.E. Workshop Detachment reported Corps Headquarters.  D.D.M.E. installed them in Garage at TERWINDT and HEKKING Automobiel M.I.J. Rembrandt Straat 26-28, NIJMEGEN.  D.D.M.E. 30 Corps visited D.D.M.E. Headquarters.  During the move to Port of embarkation, the vehicle carrying spares and equipment for the Workshop Detachment broke down in the early hours of the morning at OXFORD.  O.C. Detachment omitted to arrange for the vehicle to be towed to Port.  During the same period 14342754 Cfn. C. NENER had some trouble with his motorcycle.  After repairing it he caught up with the lorry and brought it along to the port.  All the craft had moved out but Cfn NENER was so persistent that the stores were vital, that he was allowed to tranship them from the lorry to a L.C.T.  On arrival at ARROMANCHE he moved the stores ashore and carried on to CAEN where he was given a 3 ton lorry and driver to load the stores.  He was given a route and duly reported with the stores to D.D.M.E. on 25th Sept '44.


26th September 1944

All branches and units informed that REME Workshop Detachment were ready to accept work.


27th September 1944

DDME visited 157 Bde and saw Brig Russell.  All REME problems appeared to be well in hand but arrangements were made for the Bde EME to visit Corps HQ to discuss any points upon which he required assistance.


28th September 1944

DDME visited 82nd USA Airborne Div.  All their vehicle casualties were being taken to the REME W/shop Detachment and they had no complaints.


29th September 1944

DDME and EME Tels visited 101 USA Airborne Div at Vegal and also saw DA & QMG 12 Corps and Ordnance Officer 101 USA Airborne Div.


DDME visited 12 Corps at Eindhoven and arranged with DDME 12 Corps for a REME officer to visit the Ordnance Officer at 101 USA Airborne Div daily to assist in repair problems.


Lt. Copsey A.I.A. returned to U.K. to assist in re-equipping of 1st Airborne Div.


The area in which the REME Detachment was located had experienced considerable bombing and DDME decided to move the Detachment to a new location.


30th September 1944

All branches and units informed of new location for W/shop Detachment at Swift Shoe Factory Muntweg (Map Ref Sheet 6 S.W. 693608)