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16th September, 1430 hrs

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Month and year: September 1944

Acting Commanding Officer : Major A.J.M. Perkins, RE


1st September 1944

Place: Knossington


08.00 - Sdn. Loaded containers etc + prepared for Operation LINNET.


12.00 - O.C. visits Comd 4 Para. Bde. to discuss Operation LINNET.


Place: Glaston


16.45 - Genl. Urquhart, DSO. Comd 1st Airborne Div. visits unit.


2nd September 1944

Place: Glaston


0145 - Sdn. O.O. No.1 for LINNET issued.  Sdn. Admin. No.1 for LINNET issued.  Signal Instr. No.2 for C.R.E's net.


0900 - O.C. briefed Trp. Comds. for Operation LINNET.  Final preparation by troops for Operation.


1700 - Troops briefed by respective comdrs.


2300 - Operation postponed 36 hours.


3rd September 1944

Place: Knossington


0900 - O.C. attended conference at H.Q. 4 Para. Bde.  Op. LINNET cancelled.  Warning order for another operation in the very near future.


2100 - O.C. attended "O" Gp. at H.Q. 4 Para. Bde. for new operation in area MAASTRICHT.


2300 - This Op. cancelled owing to Americans already having reached this town.


5th September 1944

Place: Moor Park


1000 - O.C. visited CRE at 1 Airborne Div. Tac. H.Q.  Rough outline of tasks for Operation "FIFTEEN".  This necessitated a change in glider loads.


Place: Glaston


1800 - Lt. Thomas + 6 O.R's from No.3 Trp. despatched in car 5 cwt 4x4 + trailer to Harwell airfield.


6th September 1944

Place: Moor Park


1000 - O.C. attended 1 A'Borne Div. Comd. "O Grp. for Op. "FIFTEEN".


1700 - O.C. attended 4. Para. Bde. Comd. "O" Grp. for Op. "FIFTEEN".


7th September 1944

Place: Glaston


0145 - Notes on O.C's. verbal orders issued.


0750 - Sdn. Admin. Instr. No.1 issued.


0900 - O.C. briefed Trp. Comds.


Place: Cottesmore


1000 - Trps. load containers on to D.C.47 aircraft.


Place: Glaston


1500 - Trp. Comds. briefed respective troops.


1730 - O.C. held final co-ordinating conference.


8th September 1944

Place: Glaston


0030 - Operation postponed for 24 hours.


2000 - Operation postponed for 24 hours.


9th September 1944

Place: Glaston


1130 - Comdr. 4 Para. Bde. visited Sdn. and outlined further developments of battle in Belgium + Holland.


2000 - Operation postponed for 24 hours.


10th September 1944

Place: Glaston


3 Trp. duty Troop for week ending 16th Sept. 44.


1000 - Operation "FIFTEEN" (COMET) cancelled.


12th September 1944

Place: Ketton


Training - 1 Trp. - Assault on Pillbox with flamethrowers + polecharges.


Place: Somersby


Training - 2 Trp. - Instruct 10. Bn in latest mines.


Place: Moor Park


1700 - O.C. attends Comdr. 1 A'Borne Div's "O" Grp. for Op. "MARKET".


13th September 1944

Place: Glaston


Training - 1 Trp. use of glider troughs to assist M.T. over 6' high banks.


Place: Ketton


Training - 2 Trp. assault on Pillbox with flamethrowers + polecharges.


Place: Glaston


1900 - Sdn. Glider Element return from Keevil.


14th September 1944

Place: Glaston


Squadron on 24 hour pass.


0900 - Glider Element maintain stores + transport.


Place: Knossington


1100 - O.C. attended Comd. 4 Para. Bde's. "O" Group.


15th September 1944

Place: Glaston


0700 - Sdn. Glider Element proceeded to Keevil A'Field for Op. "MARKET".


Place: Keevil


1400 - Gliders loaded with transport & equipment.


Place: Knossington


1800 - O.C. visited Bde. Comd. to discuss Operation "MARKET".


Place: Glaston


0900 - Training for No.1 Trp. fieldcraft.  No.2 Trp. use of glider troughs to assist M.T. over 6' high banks.


2200 - Sdn. O.O. No.1 issued for Operation "MARKET".


16th September 1944

Place: Glaston


0900 - Trp. Comdrs. briefed by O.C. for Operation "MARKET".


1330 - All Sqn. personnel confined to billets.


17th September 1944

Place: Glaston


0720 - Sdn. Adv. Party {Lt. K.C. Evans, L/C Johanson, Spr. O'Donnell} proceeded to H.Q. 4 Para. Bde.


0800 - Sdn. Admin. Instruction No.1 issued.


Place: Barkston Heath


1100 - Sdn. Adv. Party took off in Bde. H.Q. Aircraft.


Place: Glaston


1730 - Sdn. moved to Spanhoe to "bomb up" aircraft.


18th September 1944

Place: Glaston


0900 - Sdn. moved to take off airfield Spanhoe.


Place: Spanhoe


1145 - Sqn. took off on Operation "MARKET".


1210 - Sqn. Parachute Element took off from Spanhoe airfield.


Place: W. of Arnhem


1420 - Parachute Element dropped on D.Z. West of Arnhem.  O.C. Major Perkins dislocated his shoulder and 6 ORs were casualties.  Capt. Thomas assumes command.  Slight opposition from ground forces at R.V.  No casualties.  Lt. Evans + 2 ORs of advance element rejoined Squadron.  Majority of containers were lost on D.Z.


1700 - Sqn. moved off from D.Z. R.V. to R.V. 1 mile south of railway line where it took up defensive position for night.  1 Troop moved off in support of 156 Para. Bn. east along railway in direction of Arnhem.  Glider Element joins Sqn.  1 O.R. casualty.


19th September 1944

Place: Wolfhezen


0800 - Sqn. less 1 Troop moved off to WOLFHEZEN.  Major Perkins rejoins Squadron.


1100 - Straffed by enemy F.W. 190s.


1130 - Move to X roads in woods 677802.  Sqn. took up defensive position.


1430 - (677802) Supply drop and Polish Glider Element lands.


1500 - (677802) No.1 Tp rejoins Sqn from 156 Bn.  1 O.R. wounded.


1600 - (687799) O.C. attends Bde. Comdrs "O" Gp.  Sqn ordered to get all Bde Glider Borne Transport to S. side of ARNHEM-WOLFHEZEN rly line.


1700 - (WOLFHEZEN) 1 Tp at Level Crossing guided part of Bde Transport over.  (672801) 2 Tp at Tunnel defending S. side.  E 3 Tp assisting part of Bde transport thro' Tunnel.  (677800) F 3 Tp assisting part of Bde tpt incl. 17 pdrs. A/T guns over rly line and embankment.  Activities of 1 Tp and F 3 Tp APPENDIX I.


1800 - Sqn less 1 Tp + F 3 Tp move to SONENBURG, and came under enemy mortar fire during move.  Lt. G.S. HARRIS RE, SSM + 8 ORs missing.  Lt. W.H. SKINNER RE + 3 ORs Fd Pk Coy missing.


Place: Sonenburg


Night - 1 Jeep, E half 3 Troop, 2 Troop, + element H.Q. take up defensive positions.  O.C. Major Perkins i/c party.


20th September 1944

Place: Ommershol


0700 - Contact made between O.C. and 2 IC.  2 ORs missing.


Place: Sonenburg


0945 - Enemy tank sighted.  Small arms fire commenced, mainly against own troops.


1110 - Lieut. Thomas sent to CRE and Capt Thomas to find out situation.  6 ORs wounded.


1515 - Lieut. Thomas returns and reports situation at OMERSHOL.


1600 - Resupply from air.


2000 - Lieut. Thomas + 4 ORs collected containers from No Mans Land.


2330 - Capt. Cormie + 4 ORs sent on night patrols.


21st September 1944

Place: Sonnenburg


0730 - Major Perkins visits detachment at OMMERSHOL, is wounded and taken to R.A.P.


0915 - Very heavy mortar fire.  Capt. Cormie detailed by C.R.E. to assume command of Squadron.


1100 - Enemy attack but were beaten off by LMGs and 36 grenades, losing about 20 men.


1715 - Still under heavy small arms and mortar fire.  Men well dug in.  Mortar fire continued throughout night.  Enemy attacked just before dusk but were again beaten off.


22nd September 1944

Place: Sonnenburg


0910 - Enemy tanks attacked using flamethrowers.


1115 - Tanks driven off.  1 tank put out of action by Sappers using Hawkins mines.  5 ORs casualties.


1136 - 1 Tank sighted using flame throwers crippled by P.I.A.T.


1610 - Enemy attacked again but were driven off by 6 Bren LMGs.


23rd September 1944

Place: Sonnenburg


0710 - Mortar fire and shell fire commences and continues very heavy throughout day.  Troops magnificent.  5 OR killed, 4 OR wounded.


1315 - Enemy attack but were driven off.  Heavy mortar fire ensued.


24th September 1944

Place: Sonnenburg


0700 - Quieter during morning but shell and mortar fire commenced later in day.


1900 - Enemy tried to overrun positions but were beaten off with casualties.  2 enemy wounded brought in as prisoners.


25th September 1944

Place: Sonnenburg


0700 - Mortar and shell fire continues fiercely all day.


1400 - Sqn. received orders from Major Winchester for withdrawal to river at 2115.


2115 - Lieut. Thomas takes main party leaving Capt. Cormie with small covering party.  Very heavy shell fire.


2120 - Capt. Cormie's party moves out.


Place: Oostebek


2215 - Lieut. Thomas & party reach river.  Several O.Rs. missing.


2230 - Capt. Cormie & party reach river.  Several ORs missing.  Contact made with Capt. Smith.


26th September 1944

Place: Oostebek


0030 - Complete party evacuated across river by assault boats.


0400 - Sqn. in bits and pieces were fed and moved to NIJMEGAN.


Place: Nijmegan


0700 - Sqn. put in one house.  After sleep, moved to barracks.


28th September 1944

Place: Nijmegan


1045 - Sqn. parade ready to move to new location.


1200 - Sqn. move in Div troops convoy to LOUVEN.


Place: Louven


1900 - Arrive St. Marton Barrack LOUVEN.  Contact Sea borne tail.


29th September 1944

Place: Louven


1300 - Move to airport near BRUSSELS.


1600 - Emplane.


Place: Barkston Heath


1900 - Arrive Barkston Heath airfield.


2100 - Move to CONINGSBY.



Appendix I

by Captain J.J. McCormie


19th September 1944

Place: Ommershol


1800 - 693792 F 3 Tp under Capt. H.F. Brown RE took up defensive posn.


1900 - No.1 Tp under Capt. J.G.A. Smith RE joined F 3 Tp and all under comd. Capt. N.B. Thomas RE in support of 21 Indep. Para Coy.  Dug in defensive posn 692793.


20th September 1944

Place: Ommershol


0800 - Attacked by approx 1 Coy enemy using 2 tracked armd. vehicles.  Attack broken up.


1000 - Heavily mortared.  Capt. N.B. Thomas RE + 2 ORs killed Capt H.F. Brown RE saw him dead.  4 ORs wounded and evacuated to RAP.  Attacked continuously until 1500 hrs.  All attacks beaten off.


1800 - Lt. K.C. Evans took patrol to rly line.  Saw enemy collecting containers from re-supply drop.  Shot up party of 8 enemy.  Reported enemy in approx Coy. strength across rly.


1900 - Attack lasting 1 hour repulsed.  1 OR killed.


21st September 1944

Place: Ommershol


0700 - Attacked spasmodically all day.


0800 - O.C. Major AE.J.M. Perkins RE arrived to see position.


0900 - Major AE.J.M. Perkins RE, Lt K.C. Evans RE wounded and evacuated.


1530 - Attacked by enemy infantry with 88mm SP gun in support.  Lt M.C. Eden RE killed 3 ORs wounded.  L/Cpl Flannery knocked out S.P. gun with PIAT.  Capt H.F. Brown RE saw Lt Eden dead.


1800 - Enemy propaganda machine asked for our surrender.  Morale among all troops very high.


1830 - Detachment K.O.S.B. withdrew into our positions.  1 6 Pdr A/T Gun came under command.


22nd September 1944

Place: Ommershol


0130 - Received orders to move into 4 Para Bde area.


Place: 695784


0400 - Move completed.  Now under comd 4 Para Bde.  Dug in defensive posn. as reserve for Bde or use by CRE.  Capt. N.B. Thomas RE, Lt M.C. Eden RE + 2 ORs buried at Ommershol 693791.  Come under intermittent mortar fire all day.  1 OR wounded.


1945 - Capt. H.F. Brown took 24 ORs + Lt D. Stores RE toward 694768.  Ferried approx 35-40 Poles from S to N Bank of river.


23rd September 1944

Place: 695784


0630 - Returned to Bde location.


0730 - Very heavy shelling & mortaring.  8 ORs wounded.  Mortared during night.


24th September 1944

Place: 695784


Heavy shelling and mortaring.  2 ORs wounded.


1600 - Stood by for reinforcement role to 21 Indep. Para Coy.


25th September 1944

Place: 695784


Shelled & mortared all day.


1500 - Bde Comdrs "O" Gp.  Orders for withdrawal issued.


2045 - Vacated positions moved to river.


2215 - Entire party arrived by boats.


26th September 1944

0030 - Entire party across river. 1 OR wounded.


Place: Nijmegen


0300-1000 - RV with remainder of Sqn.



Residue - 4th Parachute Squadron RE


Commanding Officer: 2/Lt Dalton.


19th September 1944

Place: Glaston


2/Lt Dalton O i/c Residue.  Residue clearing billet area.  2nd Seaborne Lift packing + loading up vehicles.


1500 - 2nd Seaborne Lift i/c SQMS Gisborne moved off for Coningsby to join other Div Seaborne Elements.  Residue all accommodated in billets at Glaston House.


20th September 1944

Place: Glaston


Residue emptied + cleaned up billets at "Three Horse Shoes".  Took delivery of 1 x 3 ton lorry + 1 x motor cycle.


21st September 1944

Place: Glaston


Residue cleaned up billet area of Glaston House.


22nd September 1944

Place: Glaston


Residue cleaned up billet area of Bisbrook Hall.


23rd September 1944

Place: Glaston


O i/c Res. attended co-ordinating conference at 1 A'b Div H.Q.  Residue cleaning up billets at Bisbrook Hall.


24th September 1944

Place: Glaston


Rest day for residue.  O i/c Res. attended conference at H.Q. 4 Para. Bde. regarding concentration of Residue.


25th September 1944

Place: Glaston


Residue continued cleaning up billets at Bisbrook Hall.


27th September 1944

Place: Glaston


This and proceeding two days occupied with the concentration of squadron + barrack stores into convenient places and the cleaning up of billets.  2/Lt DALTON attended conference at H.Q. 4 Para Bde regarding return of Airborne personnel from operations.


28th September 1944

Place: Glaston


2/Lt Dalton attended A.Q. conference at A'B Div. H.Q.


29th September 1944

Place: Glaston


Residue continued cleaning up billets.


Place: Coningsby


Airborne personnel returned from operations moved into billets at CONINGSBY.  Capt. CORMIE takes over command of Squadron + Residues.


30th September 1944

Place: Glaston


Sqn office moved to Coningsby.  Rear party under 2/Lt Dalton left at Glaston to complete cleaning up of billets.


Place: Coningsby


Troops resting and re-kitting.



Appx 'F'



4 Para Sqn R.E. O.O. No.1.


15 Sep 44.

Ref maps HOLLAND 1/25,000 Sheets 388 6 N.W.



        1.  Enemy.  As given orally and in Int Summary.  See App 'A' att.

        2.  Own Tps.

                (a) Composition of Sqn.  Sqn H.Q., 1 Tp., 2 Tp., 3 Tp., Glider borne element (already detailed).

                (b) Comd.

                        (i) Sqn under Comd 4 Para Bde for air movement and after landing.

                        (ii) Det 261 Fd Pk Coy RE under Comd Sqn for air movement and initially after landing.  See para 15 (e).

                        (iii) Sqn less a Tp revert to Comd CRE on arrival of 3 lift.  See para 18 below.



        3.  Sqn will assist 4 Para Bde to occupy a def posn N. of ARNHEM.



        4.  Outline Plan.

                (a) Sqn lands with Bde Gp on one D.Z. and on L.Z. in daylight on D+1 in the Div 2nd. lift.  During time of arrival some protection is given by an a/c fmn.

                (b) Sqn then moves with Bde Tps, approx 7 miles to its allotted posn in Bde sector.  Sqn must be prepared to protect itself against probable hostile interference during the move.

        5.  Air Plan.  See App. 'B' att.

        6.  Phases.  This op is divided into two phases:-

                PHASE I.  Reorganisation of Bde Gp on ground and move to def sector.

                PHASE II.  Occupation of def sector NORTH of ARNHEM.



        7.  D.Z./L.Z.

                (a) D.Z. : see sketch maps issued separately.

                (b) L.Z. : area bounded by 630785 - 635805 - 643804 - 642785.

        8.  D.Z. R.V.s.



1 Tp.

2 Tp.

3 Tp.

rd and wood junc

Track and wood junc

Rd and wood junc

Rd and wood junc







) see also air photographs.


                (b) Normal markings for R.V. set out by Sqn Adv para element.  Lt Harris and one O.R. will act as duplicate party.

                (c) Maximum equipment to brought to R.V. by all Tps.  Stores dump formed at Sqn R.V. under 2 i/c, A/T mines will receive priority.

                (d) Tps will move off from R.V. when ordered.

        9.  Move to Bde Def Sector.

                (a) Order of March:- 3 Tp., Sqn H.Q., 1 Tp., 2 Tp.

                (b) Route.  R.V. - 636831 - 644838 - rd EDE-Arnhem 720793 - X rds 726797 - rd junc 731788 - area 736788.

        10.  Report Lines.

                TINKER        633843 - 635834 - 634820.

                TAILOR        652844 - 652837 - 652820.

                SOLDIER      673840 - 666831 - 660823.

                SAILOR        684831 - 676819 - 670811.

                RICHMAN    718807 - 712798 - 711797.

                POORMAN  720832 - 721821 - 723812 - 730800 - 738790.

        11.  Other Tps.  7 K.O.S.B. will be occupying def posn probably in area 662833.

        12.  Sqn Adv Para Element.  See App "C" att.

        13.  Tasks.

                (a) Sqn will be prepared to op as Bde Res until arrival in main def posn, moving in rear of 133 Fd Amb behind Bde H.Q.

                (b) After arrival at respective RVs, all Tps will continue to collect equipment from DZ until further orders.

                (c) On receipt of orders to move to def posn, Tps will notify Sqn estimated quantities of equipment still on DZ.  If necessary 2 Tp will provide a party for further clearance etc.

        14.  Med.

                (a) R.V. for 133 Fd Amb in Houses 630833.  DZ casualties will be notified to that place.

                (b) 133 Fd Amb then moves in rear of Bde HQ.

                (c) Axis of evacuation: See Admin Instr No.1 issued separately.

        15.  Sqn Glider Element.

                (a) L.Z. R.V.  Track and wood junc 657801.  This R.V. will be marked by reps of Bde Adv Para Gp with blue smoke.  In any case all glider borne tpt should proceed towards prominent water tower 662802.

                (b) O.C. 2 Pro Sec is responsible for conducting all Bde gliderborne tpt from R.V. to Dis P by the following route:- 657801 (R.V.) - 665805 - 668808 - 669808 - rd and track junc 678818 (Dis P).

                (c) 2 i/c will, if possible, despatch a D.R. to Dis. P to guide Tpt to Sqn HQ.

                (d) Lt. Eden will, in any case, endeavour to join Sqn HQ as soon after arrival at Dis. P as possible.

                (e) Lt. Skinner and det of 261 Fd Pk Coy RE will remain with Lt. Eden until glider tpt joins Sqn.  He will probably move off to join CRE when Sqn arrived in Bde def sector.



        16.  Sqn in sp 4 Para Bde in area 736708.

        17.  Tasks.

                (a) No.1 Tp will:  take over from 1 Para Sqn rd blocks into ARNHEM from NORTH and N.E.

                (b) Nos. 2 and 3 Tps.  to be detailed on ground as situation develops.

        18.  On arrival 3rd. lift i.e. Polish Para Bde on D+2, Sqn less No.1 Tp will revert to Comd CRE and conc in area by rly stn 732782.  No.1 Tp will remain in sp 4 Para Bde for local def tasks.

        19.  Possible Future Tasks.

                (a) Take over tasks in the A/L Bde area if 9 Fd Coy RE ordered to recce SOUTH towards NIJMEGEN.  Those tasks incl rd and rly block from NORTH, N.W. and WEST, op of ferries as necessary, safeguarding rly br 707764.

                (b) Subsequent maintenance of all Bailey brs (if built) in ARNHEM area.

        20.  Demolitions.  NO brs will be destroyed or prepared for demolitions.  No demolitions of any kind will be carried out except temporary minor rail cuts effected for local def purposes.

        21.  Mines.

                (a) Mines will only be laid under R.E. supervision.

                (b) Own and enemy minefields will be reported thro normal channels by quickest possible means.  All units have also received instrs to report enemy minefields at once to nearest R.E. unit.

                (c) 75 grenades may be laid by Tps but will invariably be guarded and will be removed when Tps leave the area.

        22.  Bomb Line.

                (a) Until 6 hours after arrival of 4 Para Bde.  785855 - 768852 - 750846 - 737845 - 730844 - 715845 - 708851 - 695852 - 676853 - 659853 - 639853 - 628853 - 613855.

                (b) From 6 hours after arrival of 4 Para Bde.  629852 - 629842 - 630821 - 628807 - 623788 - 616772 - 614759.

        23.  Anti-gas.  Respirators WILL be carried.



        24.  See Admin Instr No 1 issued separately.



        25.   (a) H.Q., R.E. area Tac HQ 1 Airborne Div ARTILLERIE PARK 735787.

                (b)   (i) Bde Report Centre will be est immediately after landing at 635838 and subsequently at rd junc 672825.

                        (ii) Axis of Bde H.Q. movement : Bde Axis.  See para 9 (b) above.

                        (iii) Final location of Bde H.Q., (Phase II) vicinity MONASTERY 747792.

                (c)    (i) Sqn HQ will be est on landing at R.V.

                        (ii) Axis of Sqn HQ movement : as for Bde H.Q.

                        (iii) Final location of Sqn HQ in area 736788.

        26.  Liaison Off/N.C.O.

                (a) Lt. Thomas will report to Bde H.Q. report centre 635838 by H+45 mins.

                (b) 2 i/c will detail one DR (NCO) to report to CRE as soon as situation permits.

        27.  Sigs.

                (a) S.C.R. 536's will be used by Tps on D.Z.

                (b) Comn will be est with Bde unless already opened by Sqn Adv Para Element.

                (c) Comn will be est with CRE by 22 set as soon after landing as possible.

                (d) Sqn net will open on arrival at DZ RVs (for details see App D att.)

                (e) No enemy comns, except German Fd cable, may be destroyed.

        28.  Recognition.

                (a) Ground to Air.  Yellow smoke and flares, yellow celanese triangles and yellow fluorescent panels, if available.  Fwd Tps only will indicate their posns thus, unless for some special reasons such as imminent attack by own aircraft.  All other tps will make their posns known to our a/c by any other means available.

                (b) Ground to Ground.  Yellow celanese triangles.

                (c) Civilians.  Friendly Dutch civilians, properly enrolled for labour through the Civil Affairs Mission, will be issued with blue and white armbands.

        29.  Light Signals.

                (a) Standard Bde Success Signal : RED WHITE RED.

                (b) Standard Div SOS/DF Signal : RED GREEN RED.

        30.  Codes.  See App. 'D' att.

        31.  Pass Words.


H hr until 2359 hrs D Day.

2359 hrs D Day until 2359 hrs D+1

2359 hrs D+1 until 2359 hrs D+2

2359 hrs D+2 until 2359 hrs D+3

2359 hrs D+3 until 2359 hrs D+4

2359 hrs D+4 until 2359 hrs D+5








        32.  Synchronisation of watches : B.B.C. Time Signal before take-off.

        33.  Ack on att A.F. A. 16.


[Signed Percival] Major, R.E.

O.C., 4 Parachute Sqn., R.E.

Time of Signature 2200



Appendix "A" to 4 Para Sqn RE, OO No.1 dated 15 Sep 1944.



        1.  General.  Whole 'MARKET' area is being feverishly prepared for defence.  Particularly MAAS, MAAS WAAL CANAL and hill south of NIJMEGEN.

        2.  Topography.

                (a) Line at South of GINKEL Sheet marked 'Under Construction' is Autobahn not yet ready for traffic.  It can be clearly seen on air photo.

                (b) Railway in same area is double tracked, electrified.  Electric cables overhead,

                (c) In proposed landing area, which lies on sand and gravel beds to N. of Rhine, the soil is dark earth and peat.  It is firm enough to take all airborne vehicles.

        3.  Enemy Forces.

                (a) The whole area is a training area and trng bks may have been used for the reforming of units moving N. out of the line.  Deelen Airfield also has its complement of defence tps.


Deelen Airfield






Inf. Bks.

Art. Bks.

Labour Bks.

Wilhem III Bks. (745778)

Mermo van Cockan Bks. (757786)

Larenstein Bks. (780785)

Saxon Weimar Bks. (758799) (S.S. Junior Leaders School)

Arnhem Garrison

2,000 G.A.F.

1,900 Inf



700 tps.

1,400 tps.

1,400 tps.

700 tps.

700 tps. (Lorryborne)





Deelen Airfield


Sites Occupied

Sites Unoccupied.

Sites Occupied

Sites Unoccupied.











                (c) This line when held will be defended strongly, but at present all tps are moved South onto Albert Canal line.  Any interference, including armour, from N. of Arnhem must be borne by 1st. Airborne Div., but very little resistance will be expected from S. because of the American Div.



Appendix 'B' to 4 Para Sqn., R.E. O.O. No.1 dated 15 Sept. 1944.




        1.  Para A/C.

                (a) Allotment of a/c is as follows:-

Chalk Nos.







1 +

Sqn HQ.






2 +

Sqn HQ.






3 +

Sqn HQ.

                (b) Take-off airfield : SPANHOE.

                (c) D.Z. : "Y"

                (d) Time of drop : P+12 mins.

                (e) Line of run-in - South by West to North by East. (provisional).

                (f) Containers released on near side of D.Z.

        2.  Gliders.

                (a) Allotment of Gliders.

Chalk Nos.





Name of Senior Passenger.

Lieut. Eden.

Sgt. Bailey.

L/Sgt. Gordon.

Lieut. Skinner (261 Fd. Pk. Coy. RE)

                (b) Take-off airfield : KEEVIL.

                (c) L.Z. : 'X'

                (d) Time of Landing : X+49 mins.



Appendix 'C' to 4 Para Sqn, RE O.O. No.1 D/D 15 Sep 1944.



        1.  Comd.  O.C. Bde Adv Para Gp. : B.M. 4 Para Bde.

        2.  Composition of Element.  Lieut. Evans, L/Cpl. Johnson (only if 3 vacancies allotted), Spr. O'Donnell.

        3.  Take-Off Airfield.  Bde Adv Gp will take off from BARKSTON HEATH.  Orders for move to airfield will be issued later.

        4.  Allotment of A/C.  Sqn allotted two, possibly three, vacancies in Bde HQ a/c Chalk No.144.

        5.  Equipment.

                (a) Normal R.V. equipment to be carried.

                (b) Lt. wt. m/c to be taken.

                (c) 68 P set to be taken in kit bag (only if 3 vacancies allotted).

        6.  D.Z.  Adv Gp will drop on D.Z. 'Y' with 1 Para Bde at H+57 mins on D day.

        7.  D.Z., R.V.  South corner of wood 635792.

        8.  Tasks.

                (a) Mark D.Z. R.V. for Sqn arriving on D+1.

                (b) Est wireless comn between D.Z. R.V.s of main Para Gp shortly before arrival of latter.

                (c) Collect all available infm regarding the progress of the op up to the time of drop of the main para gps.

        9.  Method.

                (a) Sqn element will initially R.V. with remainder of Bde Adv Gp.  See para 7 above.

                (b) Subsequent action will depend entirely on the progress of the op.  Early contact will be made with 7 K.O.S.B. who will be defending rd EDE - ARNHEM facing WEST.  Further details will be issued later.

                (c) At a suitable time on D+1 Sqn Element will leave main party and carry out tasks as indicated in para 8 above.

        10.  Briefing.  Lt. Evans will attend B.M.'s briefing at HQ 4 Para Bde at 161430 B.