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Commanding Officer: Major J.H. Gifford RASC

Month and Year: August 1944


11th August 1944

0830 - CRASC Conference on Move of 1st Seaborne Lift.  Return of OC from Hospital.  Preparations for move made.


12th August 1944

45 Trailers loaded with Amn.  Preparations completed by 1900 hrs.


13th August 1944

Move of Coy to Transit Camp - EAST HAM, T3 - AFW 5169 completed.


14th August 1944

1000 - Loading of Transport into T/298 + T/299 at WEST INDIA DOCKS.


1800 - Embarkation of Coy + move down river to SOUTHEND.


15th August 1944

1730 - Leave SOUTHEND + move in Convoy.


16th August 1944

1900 - Arrived COURSEULLES.


17th August 1944

0900 - Vehs off-loaded + ferried to JUNO beach.  Marshalling of vehs at GOLDSMITH (1 m/c lost).  Recce parties move to DIV AREA LE MINE (6775).  All personnel + vehs in camp by 2230 hrs.


18th August 1944

Work on camp.


19th August 1944

Work on camp continued.  Liberty lorries + bathing.


20th August 1944

Rest Day.  Voluntary Church Service.  Tents erected.


21st August 1944

Very wet all day.  Amn dumped + roads made.


22nd August 1944

Visit to DADST, HQ S L of C.  Arrangements made for freight clearance under instructions of 20 Tpt Col RASC.


23rd August 1944

Move of Coy less Amn guard to ST VIGOR-LE-GRAND (NW of BAYEUX).  Recce of B14 Airfd made.


24th August 1944

0800 - Work at B14 (BANVILLE) commenced by 'G' Pl.  10 x 3 ton vehs and 15 jeeps and trailers employed.


25th August 1944

Clearance and delivery of Airfreight continued.  Weather fine.


26th to 28th August 1944

Work continued.  25 jeeps + trailers used with 10 HQ vehs.


29th August 1944

Relieved of Airfreight commitment.  34 all ranks with 25 jeeps and 25 Trailers moved to U.K. under comd Adjt RASC.


30th August 1944

Weather wet.


31st August 1944

Seaborne Ech at 24 hrs notice to move.



Commanding Officer: Major J.H. Gifford RASC

Month and Year: September 1944


1st September 1944

Coy moved back to Div Area at LA MINE.  Amn loaded up.  Tents handed in to ADOS.


2nd September 1944

Depart 0500 hrs in convoy.  Weather wet.  Move to GISORS, crossing R.SEINE at VERNON.  Bivouac for night.


3rd September 1944

Move postponed until 1630 hrs.  Convoy to CROISSY (S.W. of AMIENS).  Conference at Div HQ.  Amn off-loaded from 3 ton vehs.


4th September 1944

Rest day.


5th September 1944

Veh. Maintenance.


6th September 1944

1330 - Move to LA VIEVILLE (3 miles W of ALBERT).  12 x 3 ton vehs off-loaded and 20000 galls pet collected in two shifts.  P.Ps set up. 3 German prisoners taken. Weather wet.


7th September 1944

0730 - Move (less Coy HQ) to LOTH (SW of BRUSSELS) via ALBERT, ARRAS, DOUAI, TOURNAI, ENGHIEN, HAL.  All vehs in by 2030 hrs.  Very windy.


8th September 1944

0850 - Move via suburbs of BRUSSELS to LOUVAIN.  Coy halt and disperse to NEERYSSCHE (NE LOUVAIN).  Bivouac.


9th to 14th September 1944

In same location - nothing to report.  Weather warm & fine.  Pl football competition, veh maint + route march.  OCs parade + Church Service.  Liberty lorries run to BRUSSELS.  At 6 hrs notice to move.


15th September 1944

0700 - Move past SP.  Route LOUVAIN - DIEST - BEERINGEN - LILO.  Vehs sorted into 'A' + 'B' Echs ('A' comprising Coy HQ + Amn vehs, 'B' remainder of Coy).  Wet night.


16th September 1944

Rest day.  Weather fine.


17th September 1944

'D' Day.  1000 hrs Briefing conference at 30 Corps (Rear).  Also at 1730 hrs.  Lt Col Curtis gave verbal orders concerning operation MARKET GARDEN.  1300 hrs. landing of 1 ABD at ARNHEM.


18th September 1944

D+1.  At hours notice from 1200 hrs.  Wet.


19th September 1944

D+2.  Move postponed.  At short notice from 1700 hrs.  Very warm.


20th September 1944

0600 - 'A' Ech, comprising all amn vehs move forward into HOLLAND, crossing ESCAUT Canal at 0900 hrs.  Halt for remainder of day at point 9 miles South of EINDHOVEN to allow 43 Div past.


21st September 1944

2000 - Follow 43 Div tail.  Fast night convoy through EINDHOVEN, VEGHEL, UDEN.  No incidents.  1 m/c damaged..


22nd September 1944

0500 - Arrive GRAVE.  Route cut near UDEN and stand-to 1500.  1530 hrs move over GRAVE Br.  Recce and move at 1800 hrs to area 4 miles South of NIJMEGEN.


23rd September 1944

Place: Nijmegen


Recce by DDST + OC of captured Supply Depots. loct.  Arrival of Dvr Jones T. who had force landed at HERTOGENBOSCH on 'D' Day & found his way through enemy lines.


24th September 1944

1300 - Supply Drop SW GRAVE.  17 C47s with 16 panniers in each.  237 panniers collected.  Captured Depot taken over by Coy.  Stocks checked.  Arrival of 'B' Ech.


25th September 1944

Supply Drop expected but did not take place.  Reorg of Coy.  Evacuation from ARNHEM.


26th September 1944

Assist in evacuation of Polish Para Bde to GRAVE.  Only 2 offrs + 62 ORs came back from ARNHEM.  20 jeep + trailers attached to Polish Bde.


27th September 1944

Evacuated personnel refitted.  DID handed over.  Preparations for move of Coy.


28th September 1944

Coy and ARNHEM Pls, leave NIJMEGEN 0730.  Convoy to LOUVAIN.  Shelled.


29th September 1944

Airborne pty stand by but do not take off.


30th September 1944

Dep of Airborne Pty by C.47 from BRUSSELS.  Move of Seaborne Ech to NEERYSCHE.  Div Sup + Pet collections carried out.  SP + PP set up.



Commanding Officer: Major J.H. Gifford RASC

Month and Year: October 1944


1st October 1944

Place: Field


Church Parade at NEERYSCHE.  Liberty lorries to BRUSSELS.


2nd October 1944

0930 - Move in convoy - OUDENARDE - OSTEND - DE HAEN.  Park up for night.


3rd October 1944

1430 - Move to OSTEND docks.  1900 hrs commence loading in to LST from beach, but discontinue due to tide.  Spend night on quay.


4th October 1944

Place: At Sea


1500 - Commence loading into 2 LST.  Completed by 2000 hrs.


5th October 1944

1400 - Sail.  Roughish Passage.


6th October 1944

0900 - Arrive SOUTHEND, move to TILBURY.  Disembark 2000 hrs and move to Transit Camp.


7th October 1944

0930 - Arrive in convoy to MOORLANDS HOTEL, LINCOLN.


8th October 1944

Place: Lincoln


Pay of all ranks, leave passes prepared.


9th October 1944

Departure on 14 days disembarkation leave of all ranks Seaborne Ech.