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The following adverts have been placed recently and are shown in the order in which they were added. This is intended for the benefit of people who check the Veterans Ads section regularly and find it difficult to sort between the new and the old in the main alphabetical A-Z list. Copies of all these adverts can also be found in the A-Z section, and will be removed from this section after a period of several months.


Pte Robert "Bobby" L. Kneale (advert placed 08/08/17)

3604751, No.24 Mortar Platoon, S Company, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment. I am trying to get as much info as I can on my uncle, Bobby Kneale. He was taken prisoner during the battle, I believe he was with a morter team that ran out of ammo. Sent to Stalag XIIA, POW number 075679. After the war he returned to his home in Douglas, Isle of Man. It would be nice to know more about about his history during the war. Ian Kneale-Barrow, luzern2000@outlook.com


Robert "Bob" Clark (advert placed 29/03/17)

I would like to know if anyone has any information about a Sapper attached to the 1st Airborne by the name of Bob/Robert Clark (I think no 'e'), it is possible that he could be 2075077 Sapper R.G. Clark of the 9th Field Company. He was a good friend of my dad Robert "Bob" Sears, having trained and served together. They were split up for operation Market Garden. Bob went, my dad stayed behind. He survived and was taken prisoner. The camp he was held at was liberated by a group of Royal Scots, which contained my dads brother Ross. Bob Clark mistook my uncle for my dad as they were so alike. They met a few times after the war then lost touch. Recent events have brought him back into conversation and we would love to know what became of him. Jeanette Peters, chickenbabs@hotmail.co.uk


School Trip to Arnhem, June 2017

I am running a school project around airborne forces with a focus on Operation Market Garden. I am taking 20 students over to Arnhem in June. As part of our visit, we are commemorating a number of veterans, at various locations, in the cemetery and for those with no known grave. We are doing this by ‘following’ the routes of some of the veterans we have been working with, and also by asking if relatives would like us to lay a cross in the cemetery. We are also learning about men who fought throughout the year, whilst learning about particular sites of the battle, landing/drop zones etc. If you are interested, please contact me for further details. Nicola Williamson Williamson.N@washingtonschool.co.uk, www.washingtonschool.co.uk


Pte Francis Joseph Phillips (advert placed 20/01/17)

My grandfather was 6104640 Francis Joseph Phillips, 2nd South Staffords. I'm afraid I have no information about his service or even the company he served in. He sadly passed away in 2006 and rarely spoke of his time in the army. Paul Nicholls, pmnicholls77@gmail.com

Private Francis Joseph Phillips