Sergeant Thomas Henry Jones


Unit : No.1 Platoon, "R" Company, 1st Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 4192138

Awards : Bronzen Leeuw


On the night 18/19th September 1944 at Arnhem, Sergeant Jones took over command of a platoon after his officer had been killed during an attack on some houses on top of high ground. He continued the attack with great skill and determination personally leading his men into the assault securing his objective. This enabled the rest of his company to get forward. At this stage a machine gun gave a lot of trouble, he with Captain Mansfield captured an enemy mortar by killing the crew. On finding the mortar would not function he ran across the square under the most withering fire and used hand grenades against the enemy - once again this enabled the other platoons to advance. On returning to his platoon he was counter-attacked by half-tracks which he repulsed and succeeded in knocking one out with a gammon bomb. Later Tiger tanks came up, he held his ground until he was ordered into another house, by which time he had only three men left standing. His courage was outstanding and his example far exceeded the calls of his duty and was outstanding and his example was an inspiration to his men.


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