Captain Thomas Douglas Victor Swinscow


Unit : Headquarters, 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron

Army No. : 188263

Awards : Bronzen Kruis


Captain Swinscow was the Medical Officer of the 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron.


At Arnhem on 17th September 1944 9 Section C Troop had 3 wounded men lying out some 50 yards in front of a wood. Very heavy enemy machine gun and mortar fire was coming from the wood opposite only 300 yards away. Under withering fire the Medical Officer went out with 2 stretcher bearers to the wounded men. He treated the first and then despatched him with the stretcher bearers. He remained himself with the other wounded man still under heavy fire until the stretcher bearers return. During this time the Medical Officer was hit himself in the back. Having no regard for his personal safety he helped the second wounded man on to the stretcher and got him safely back to the wood. This Officers devotion to duty and personal gallantry was outstanding.


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