Sidney Clark in Italy, 1946

Sergeant Sidney Clark


Unit : No.7 Platoon, "A" Company, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment

Army No. : 3650449

Awards : Distinguished Conduct Medal.


At Arnhem on 25th September 1944, Sergeant Clark was in command of a platoon detailed to clear the enemy from some woods where they were becoming a threat to our main position. On entering the wood the platoon was pinned down by enemy fire from inside the wood. Sergeant Clark, however, regardless of any personal danger, carried on the advance himself, throwing grenades amongst the enemy. At the far end of the woods there was an enemy tank, hull down, engaging the position on the left. Sergeant Clark immediately collected some grenades, rushed to the tank, opened the top of the turret and dropped the grenades inside, setting the tank on fire. During the whole of this period he was under heavy fire. His gallantry, leadership and devotion to duty were beyond all praise.


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