Sapper S. F. Carr


Unit : 1st Parachute Squadron

Army No. : 2135069


Sapper Carr was originally recommended for the Military Medal but no award of any type appears to have been made. His recommendation is included within the Headquarters, Royal Engineers war diary:


Between 18/20th September 1944, Sapper Carr was manning a Bren position in a house covering Arnhem Bridge.  Under intense machine gun fire he stayed at his post and continued firing even after his back-sight had been shot away as he fired.  He held his position when an enemy Mk III Tank fired several rounds through the wall and when the adjacent wall was blown away by a German anti-tank projector. Sapper Carr held his position continuously for three days until seriously wounded when repelling an attack by an self-propelled gun.


Throughout the operation he showed great courage and determination in defending a very dangerous posn.  He personally destroyed 11 of the enemy.


Carr spent the remainder of the war at Stalag XIB at Fallingbostel, POW number 117444.


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