Captain Robert E. Temple


Unit : Headquarters, 4th Parachute Brigade

Army No. : 210871

Awards : Silver Star


On the morning of 20th September 1944, at Arnhem, this Officer was severely wounded in the right arm, the bone being smashed. After treatment, he refused to be evacuated, and remained at duty, not only carrying out his duties as GSO III, but attacking the enemy wherever he could. At one time when Brigade Headquarters was surrounded he stood up in full view of the enemy, firing his revolver with his left hand, and it was largely due to his personal efforts and to the effect which his behaviour had on the men around him, that the whole Brigade Headquarters was not wiped out. His bravery was an example to all ranks.


Until the evacuation he remained a source of inspiration to the men, taking no notice of mortar or machine gun fire, continually encouraging others and remaining cheerful and calm in spite of pain and fatigue.


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