Lieutenant Robert Oliver Fielding Boyd


Unit : "C" Squadron, No.2 Wing, The Glider Pilot Regiment

Army No. : 71012

Awards : Mentioned in Despatches


Lieutenant Boyd was the pilot of a glider which carried supplies to Airborne forces at Arnhem on 17th September 1944. After an abortive attempt to cross the Rhine on 24th September 1944, he and another glider pilot hid near the river bank. Three days later they were surprised by the enemy. Lieutenant Boyd was captured and his companion killed. On 3rd October he was entrained at Apeldoorn for transfer to Germany. Before the train moved off it was discovered that the wooden sides of the carriage were not very substantial; a small section, apart from a thin outer layer, was therefore peeled away in preparation for escape. Although a guard was stationed in a look-out box raised about 3 feet above the next truck, his view was obscured by the length of the compartment. When the train moved the hole was completed, enabling the doors to be opened. Lieutenant Boyd was poised for jumping when he noticed railway workers standing by the line; it was too late to withdraw, he therefore jumped and ran as quickly as possible to the cover of bushes. A grenade exploded near but did not hit him. After a drink at a farmhouse he made his way to Oene where he found help. Eventually he was safely conducted to Allied forces near Sleidrecht on 17th February 1945.


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