CSM Reginald George Chenery


Unit : Support Company, 156th Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 5825299

Awards : Bronzen Kruis


Company Sergeant Major Chenery dropped with his company near Arnhem on 18th September 1944 to find the drop zone already occupied by small parties of the enemy. Under heavy fire he rapidly gathered 10 men of his stick and by swift offensive action killed, wounded or dispersed the enemy in his path. He then found that the intended Rendezvous of another Battalion in a copse was held by about 50 German SS troops. At once he led his small force in a charge straight at them. The enemy resisted fiercely with machine gun and rifle fire and for 45 minutes the copse was the scene of savage fighting. By then he and his men had killed or wounded many of the enemy and the remainder surrendered. Chenery loaded their weapons and ammunition on to a cart, which he sent off to his own battalion Rendezvous, and followed himself with 20 prisoners. This prompt and courageous action was of the highest value when his own battalion was trying to reorganise after its drop in the face of opposition, both for its material effect and its moral example, while it is certain that his resourceful and gallant assault on the superior force holding the Rendezvous intended for 10th Battalion saved the latter many casualties and much time when they arrived a little later.


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