Listed below is all that is known about the composition of VIII Corps, but caution is advised as the units listed may not be correct. Please let me know of any contradicting information, the commanders of any units, and also the size of any formations and their casualties. Further formation details of 4th Armoured and 1st Belgian Brigades required.


Corps HQ

Commander : Lieutenant-General Sir Richard O'Connor



11th Armoured Division


Divisional HQ

Commander : Major-General G. P. B. Roberts


29th Armoured Brigade

Commander : Brigadier C. B. C. Harvey


2nd Bn The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry

23rd Hussars

8th Rifle Brigade

3rd Royal Tank Regiment


159th Infantry Brigade

Commander : Brigadier J. B. Churcher


1st Bn The Herefordshire Regiment

4th Bn The King's Shropshire Light Infantry

3rd Bn The Monmouthshire Regiment


Divisional Units

15th/19th Bn The King's Royal Hussars (Armoured Reconnaissance)

2nd Independent Machine Gun Company (Northumberland Fusiliers)

13th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery

151st Field Regiment (RA)

75th Anti-Tank Regiment (RA)

58th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (RA)

13th Field Squadron (RE)

612th Field Squadron (RE)

147th Field Park Squadron (RE)

10th Bridging Troop (RE)



3rd Infantry Division


Divisional HQ

Commander : Major-General L. G. Whistler


8th Brigade

Commander : Brigader E. E. E. Cass


2nd Bn The East Yorkshire Regiment

1st Bn The South Lancashire Regiment

1st Bn The Suffolk Regiment


9th Brigade

Commander : Brigadier G. D. Brown


2nd Bn The Lincolnshire Regiment

1st Bn The King's Own Scottish Borderers

2nd Bn The Royal Ulster Rifles


185th Brigade

Commander : Brigadier E. L. Bols


1st Bn The Royal Norfolk Regiment

2nd Bn The King's Shropshire Light Infantry

2nd Bn The Warwickshire Regiment


Divisional Units

3rd Reconnaissance Regiment (RAC)

2nd (Machine Gun) Bn The Middlesex Regiment

7th Field Regiment (RA)

33rd Field Regiment (RA)

76th Field Regiment (RA)

20th Anti-Tank Regiment (RA)

92nd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (RA)

17th Field Company (RE)

246th Field Company (RE)

253rd Field Company (RE)

15th Field Park Company (RE)

2nd Bridging Platoon (RE)

3rd Divisional Signals



4th Armoured Brigade


Brigade HQ

Commander : Brigadier R. M. P. Carver DSO, MC


3/4th (Sharpshooters) Bn The County of London Yeomanry

2nd Bn The King's Royal Rifle Corps

The Royal Scots Greys

44th Royal Tank Regiment

4th Royal Horse Artillery

5 Company (RASC)

14th Light Field Ambulance

4th Armoured Brigade Workshops

4th Armoured Brigade Ordnance Field Park

271 Forward Delivery Squadron (RAC)



6th Guards Tank Brigade


Brigade HQ

Commander : Brigadier W. D. C. Greenacre


4th (Tank) Bn The Coldstream Guards

4th (Tank) Bn The Grenadier Guards

3rd (Tank) Bn The Scots Guards



1st Belgian Brigade


Brigade HQ

Commander : Colonel B. Piron