'Went in' figures indicate the total unit strength present in Arnhem, but may not represent their full operational strength as some elements were not air-transportable. 'Died' includes all those killed in action until the Brigade was withdrawn from the area after the battle, deaths as a result of atrocities or escape attempts, and anyone who died from their wounds up until the end of 1944. 'Wounded' are those evacuated safely to the Allied rear. 'Missing' represents those taken prisoner during the battle, though a number of these men may have subsequently escaped.


Brigade HQ

Commander : Major-General Stanislaw Sosabowski


Based at Rock House, Stamford.

Went in: 104 men & 9 British liaison officers    Died: 5    Wounded: 16    Missing: 15


1st Battalion

Commander : Major M. Tonn


Based at Easton-on-the-Hill.

Went in: 354 men    Died: 11    Wounded: 28    Missing: 4


2nd Battalion

Commander : Major W. Ploszewski


Based at Wansford.

Went in: 351 men    Died: 11    Wounded: 33    Missing: 7


3rd Battalion

Commander : Captain W. Sobocinski


Based at Peterborough.

Went in: 374 men    Died: 30    Wounded: 48    Missing: 39


Anti-Tank Battery

Commander : Captain J. Wardzala


Based at Blatherwyche.

Went in: 132 men    Died: 30    Wounded: 30    Missing: 29


Engineer Company

Commander : Captain P. Budziszewski


Based at Wansford.

Went in: 133 men    Died: 2    Wounded: 20    Missing: 1


Signals Company

Commander : Captain J. Burzawa


Based at Easton-on-the-Hill.

Went in: 93 men    Died: 7 or 8    Wounded: 16    Missing: 10


Medical Company

Commander : Lieutenant J. Mozdzierz


Based at Stamford and Blatherwyche.

Went in: 90 men    Died: 2    Wounded: 13    Missing: 7


Transport and Supply Company

Commander : Captain A. Siudzinski


Went in: 43 men    Died: 8    Wounded: 13    Missing: 8


Light Artillery Battery

Commander : Major J. Bielecki


Went in: 6    Died: 0    Wounded: 2    Missing: 0