The 52nd (Lowland) Division were to be transported to Deelen Airfield by air to reinforce the 1st Airborne Division, but only once the 2nd British Army had reached Arnhem and the area was safe. Despite offers to be delivered into the thick of the action once it was recognised that the plight of the 1st Airborne was serious, the Division was not used and remained in England. Listed below is all that is known about the composition of the 52nd (Lowland) Division. Please let me know of any further information, including the commanders of any units, and also the size of formations.


Divisional HQ

Commander: Major-General E. Hakewell-Smith


155th Brigade

Commander: Brigadier J. F. S. McLaren


4th Bn The King's Own Scottish Borderers

5th Bn The King's Own Scottish Borderers

7/9th Bn The Royal Scots


156th Brigade

Commander: Brigadier C. N. Barclay


6th Bn The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

7th Bn The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

4/5th Bn The Royal Scots Fusiliers


157th Brigade

Commander: Brigadier J. D. Russell


1st Bn The Glasgow Highlanders

5th Bn The Highland Light Infantry

6th Bn The Highland Light Infantry


Divisional Units

52nd Reconnaissance Regiment (RAC)

7th (Machine Gun) Bn The Manchester Regiment

79th Field Regiment (RA)

80th Field Regiment (RA)

186th Field Regiment (RA)

1st Mountain Regiment (RA)

54th Anti-Tank Regiment (RA)

108th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (RA)

202nd Field Company (RE)

241st Field Company (RE)

554th Field Company (RE)

243rd Field Park Company (RE)

17th Bridging Platoon (RE)