CSM Leslie Stuart Fielding


Unit : HQ Company, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment

Army No. : 3382531

Awards : Bronze Star


At Arnhem on 22nd September 1944 heavy mortar and shell fire exploded a part of the Battalion ammunition dump. The explosion killed or wounded the complete team of one three inch mortar; furthermore there was a grave risk of the fire spreading to some boxes of plastic explosive which would have caused considerable damage to Battalion Headquarters. In spite of the exploding ammunition, and the periodic explosions of mines in the dump, and in spite of the continuous enemy shell and mortar fire, CSM Fielding immediately organised, and personally led a party of men to carry the mortar, its ammunition, and the boxes of explosives to a place of safety. Thus not only was the three inch mortar saved for further action, but the immediate danger to Battalion Headquarters was removed. Not content, he continued to visit the exploding dump, and salvaged many boxes of small arms ammunition at a time when every round was of vital consequence. Throughout the operation CSM Fielding showed an utter contempt for danger, and his outstanding devotion to duty was an inspiration to all ranks.


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