Lance-Corporal Laurence Goodman


Unit : Headquarters Company (Seaborne Echelon), 1st Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 5681124

Awards : British Empire Medal


This N.C.O. has for four and a half years shown a conspicuous example of devotion to duty and loyal service to his Battalion.


At the age of 39 he was one of the earliest volunteers for parachute duties in July, 1940. For two years he not only carried out admirably all that was required of him as a soldier, but was also always a keen volunteer for hazardous pioneer work. He has made over fifty parachute descents including over twenty for the purpose of testing experimental equipment.


In June 1942 he was debarred on medical grounds from further parachuting, but successive Commanding Officers have found him to be indispensable to the Unit, and since that date he has filled the office of Post Corporal, as such he has served in North Africa, Italy and North-West Europe. In Tunisia he made many hazardous trips personally to deliver mail to troops in isolated parts who but for his fearless efforts might have had to wait several more days for it.


His zeal and his readiness on all occasions have evoked the confidence and indeed the admiration of all ranks. Fully realising the vital place which mail takes in a soldiers' life, he has never spared himself in his efforts on behalf of his comrades, with the result that he has been greatly instrumental in building a high level of morale in his Battalion.


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