Sergeant John Joseph O'Neill


Unit : "B" Troop, 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery

Army No. : 841449

Awards : Bronzen Kruis


Sergeant O'Neill was No.1 on a 6 pounder Anti-Tank Gun of 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery. The gun was in position covering the causeway leading from the bridge at Arnhem. Maximum range was 250 yards. He remained in action with his gun in an exposed position and under heavy mortar fire during the whole of September 18th and during that period a considerable number of German armoured cars and tracked vehicles attempted to cross the bridge from South to North and were destroyed by Sergeant O'Neill's gun and one other. It was entirely due to these two guns that the use of the bridge by armoured vehicles was denied to the enemy and eventually it was completely blocked with knocked out and burning vehicles. Sergeant O'Neill's performance was an inspiration to the whole of his detachment and to other troops in the vicinity. Throughout the action he was completely regardless as to his own safety and towards the end of the action he was carrying on despite a leg injury, as a result of which he was eventually evacuated to hospital. He showed the highest degree of devotion to duty throughout.


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