Officers of the 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron, July 1944

Lieutenant John Graham Hilton Wadsworth


Unit : Headquarters Troop, 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron

Army No. : 312500

Awards : Bronze Star


At Arnhem on 20th September 1944 the situation on the north side of the perimeter had become confused. Detachments of the 156th Battalion and King's Own Scottish Borderers Battalion were said to be holding strong points south of the railway. Lieutenant Wadsworth was detailed to take two men and contact these two units. He went out in the morning walking around the right flank. He met heavy opposition and after a fierce grenade battle in which he displayed great courage, withdrew to make a second attempt round the left flank. He led the patrol skilfully, avoiding numerous pockets of enemy resistance and under continuous sniper fire, to the units concerned getting the required information and giving them a message from Brigadier Hackett. He returned with all the information required late that evening. Throughout the action Lieutenant Wadsworth was an inspiration to his section.


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