Corporal James Clements


Unit : Assault Platoon, Headquarters and Support Company, 1st Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 3130008

Awards : Silver Star


During the airborne operation at Arnhem, September 17th - 25th, 1944, this private soldier's activities were outstanding. Between September 18th - 20th he personally and single-handed stalked and put out of action two enemy machine gun posts.


On September 20th, after the last Anti-Tank gun on his sector had been destroyed, and a tank attack was developing, he went forward into the open with a PIAT under heavy fire and stalked a German tank, firing three shots at it forcing it to retire. This action was carried out with the utmost daring and disregard for personal safety and it had the effect of delaying the enemy's attack until the following day by which time fresh anti-tank defences had been established. The action was undoubtedly instrumental in the position being held, and the sheer gallantry of it gave new inspiration to all ranks.


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