Private George Charles Hugh Everington


Unit : No.12 Platoon, "B" Company, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment

Army No. : 4615126


George Everington was born in Lincoln, the eldest of six children of George and Freida Everington. In 1944 he was 20 years old and lived with his wife, Louisa, in Kippax, Yorkshire. George was a member of No.12 Platoon of B Company, who were stationed in a very isolated position in the Brickworks in Renkum, and it was here that they were surrounded by a stronger German force during the early hours of Monday 18th. However B Company were able to successfully slip away along the river bank, but not before inflicting heavy losses upon their opponents.


Revenge for the Germans came a few days later when, on Thursday 21st, B Company's position around the Westerbouwing Restaurant, at the extreme south-west of the Oosterbeek Perimeter, was assaulted and overrun. No.12 Platoon, together with HQ Company, were in the rear of the fight, and survivors ran back through them, hotly pursued by tanks. George Everington was in command of his platoon's PIAT and he fought a valiant rear guard action against this threat. Moving back from position to position, one of which was behind a dead cow, he fired on each tank as it came. In total he engaged three tanks, immobilising or destroying them all.


George Everington was killed on Friday 22nd. Four days later, his wife gave birth to their son, George William.


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