Trooper Francis Mann


Unit : 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron

Army No. : 14282186

Awards : Distinguished Service Cross


At Arnhem on 21st September 1944, Trooper Mann was detailed to take a P.I.A.T. up to 156 Battalion area as it was reported that a Self-Propelled Gun was moving up towards them. Eventually the Self-Propelled Gun was spotted. Trooper Mann crawled to within 50 yards of the vehicle with his P.I.A.T. With his first bomb he knocked out the tracked vehicle. The gun on the vehicle was still in action then opened fire at point blank range on Trooper Mann who was completely buried in his slit trench, by a double hit. However, he managed to get out under heavy fire and with great determination make his way back to Headquarters 156 Battalion where he reported to Major Powell. As a result of this act of outstanding bravery by Trooper Mann, the Self-Propelled Gun was eventually abandoned by the enemy and the position consolidated.


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