Sergeant Francis Edward Brown


Unit : "B" Company, 10th Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 4837793

Awards : Bronzen Leeuw


On the first day of the battle for Arnhem Sergeant Brown was dropped in the wrong area. He collected about 20 men and proceeded to try and join up with his Brigade. The party soon encountered a German patrol. Sergeant Brown organised and led an attack which resulted in killing several of the enemy and taking several prisoners. Later his party was surrounded by a far stronger German force; Sergeant Brown again organised an attack and succeeded in getting five of his men out. He now had no hope of joining his battalion and so joined forces with the Dutch Resistance. He assisted them in the execution of five Dutch SS troops and was eventually hidden by them with ten other parachutists. Sergeant Brown took charge of the party and remained hidden with them for four weeks. They were hidden in most unfavourable conditions, but Sergeant Brown maintained a high standard of fitness and morale throughout this period, and the whole party were ready for anything that might be required of them. Finally, this NCO showed great initiative in leading his party to safety across the Rhine. Sergeant Brown's conduct and devotion to duty throughout had been of the highest order.


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