Lance-Sergeant Donald Craig McRae


Unit : Defence Platoon, 4th Parachute Brigade

Army No. : 4687742

Awards : Bronzen Leeuw


This NCO displayed great powers of leadership and was an example to all around him during the entire action at Arnhem from 20th to 25th September 1944.


As commander of the remnants of the Brigade Defence Platoon, he was continually under heavy fire and he carried out his duties with great coolness. His personal gallantry was of a high order throughout.


On 2 September [Date incorrect] when no news had been received from the remnants of 10th Parachute Battalion and it was thought that they had been attacked and wiped out; this NCO led a patrol to the area previously occupied by 10th Parachute Battalion and returned with important information about the dispositions of the enemy. He displayed great courage and initiative in passing through the enemy lines and was instrumental in ensuring the safety of Brigade Headquarters.


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