Lance-Corporal Charles Gavaghan


Unit : Signals Platoon, HQ Company, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment

Army No. : 3443816

Awards : Bronzen Kruis, Mentioned in Despatches


At Arnhem (Holland) on the 22nd September 1944 the wireless communication from C Company to Battalion Headquarters completely broke down. C Company at that time were being attacked by greatly superior enemy forces. Lance-Corporal Gavaghan who by that time was the only signaller available at Battalion Headquarters volunteered to attempt to break through to C Company with a telephone line and equipment to repair the wireless set. The route to C Company was under extremely heavy Mortar and artillery fire, and enemy snipers had infiltrated into the woods and were sniping at the slightest movement. Lance-Corporal Gavaghan, without any regard for his personal safety, took the line, managed to get to the forward positions at the time of the attack, and sent back information that enabled Battalion Headquarters to lay on artillery support. The fact that communication was re-opened, saved the company from being over run and it was the courage and devotion to duty of Lance-Corporal Gavaghan only that opened communications. His action was an outstanding example, and an inspiration to all that were in the same area as he was working.


Lance-Corporal Gavaghan was killed on the 10th May 1945, when the Stirling aircraft of 196 Squadron in which he and elements of Battalion Headquarters were travelling, crashed in bad weather en route to Norway.


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